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5 Best Moves Give You Stronger Calves

In his autobiography Arnold: Education of a Bodybuilder, he emphasised the important role that calves play in completing the ‘look’ of the lower body. Arnold pointed out that a guy with undeveloped calves will look like he has small legs even if he has monstrous thighs.

He was right. The calves are at the end of the legs, and extra size there creates the illusion that the whole leg is bigger.

Well-developed calves come with the added benefit of improved athleticism. It takes plenty of power in the calves and feet to be able to jump high, sprint, or move explosively. Strongmen and ballet dancers in particular are testament to this fact.

 Calf Press

This exercise is all in the name — the calf press. The calf press is one of those exercises that requires you to have access to a gym, and the correct equipment. You’ll need a 45-degree leg press machine, to which you’ll be able to add whatever weight you’re comfortable with (it’s basically a barbell you’ll be pushing up with your feet). The press will isolate your calves, ensuring that you’re getting some solid resistance training on those specific muscles.

Muscle & Strength has a good tutorial and description of how to properly pull off a calf press, with reminders that you should ensure each rep is slow and steady, and that you get your full range of motion with every push.

Double-Leg Calf Raise

 Calf raises are the classic calf-strengthening exercise. They use your body weight to strengthen and tone the gastrocnemius and soleus.

Seated Calf Raise

You can do this exercise at home or at the gym on a calf exercise machine. The exercise works both the gastrocnemius and soleus.

Jump Rope

This one is simple enough, right? All you need is a jump rope — jumping up and down uses your body’s natural pogo-sticking muscles, which happen to be your calves. While the calf press is weight-intensive and an isolation exercise, using the jump rope is more about stamina and persistence. Think of it in the same vein as running — the longer you go, the more stress you’re putting on your muscles, and the better the workout.

It’s also an aerobic activity, meaning that you’re burning calories and fat, which will help the muscles underneath become more exposed with time. Of course, you can’t spot-target fat burning, so through the process of becoming slimmer, your calves will look better.

Glute Ham Raise

This machine has become immensely popular of late,but before it ever crossed the lron curtain the exrcise was known as the glute ham gastroc raise for the way it works the gastrocnemius muscle.which along witj the soleus forms your calf.if
you're luchy enough to have access to one of these,perform 2-3 sets of many as you cane.