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Workout Is the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Weight Training

People worry about what others think in two places: the gym and the middle school lunchroom. No one wants to look like a weight-training beginner—even beginners. Having spent much time in the gym the sad truth is most people have no idea what they’re doing—even if they’ve been lifting for years.
Learning proper technique and maximizing your efficiency in the gym is tough these days. Inconsistent, contradictory information from all sources of media has created an environment ripe with confusion. No wonder so many people struggle to build a strong, shredded and athletic body.

 And now I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained with you.

Workout Details

Equipment: Dumbbells (kettlebell optional)

Workout Details: Start with 15 deadlifts (kettlebell or dumbbells) followed by 15 lateral flies, three rounds of each. Round two takes you into 15 reverse lunges on each leg followed by 15 upright rows for three sets each. Finish up with lateral squats (15 on each side), followed by side planks on each side for 30 total seconds, for three rounds.