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Best 6 Exercises To Build The Upper Chest

Think of the pec development of Arnold Schwarzennegger, Franco Columbo, and Lou Ferrigno in their prime…or modern day beasts Ronnie Coleman and Markus Ruhl. What do all of these incredible bodybuilders have in common? Each of them have displayed not only massive pecs, but also complete chest development, from outer to inner, and upper to lower.

the upper chest is the most stubborn section to grow and thus needs even more stimulation than the mid and lower pecs. Personally, I feel that all trainees should spend 2/3 of their chest training on movements that target the upper chest in order to achieve a balanced look.

 I would like to offer you six  exercises that hit the upper pec fibers hard.

1 Incline Cable Fly

Training Tips:

✓ Position bench at around 45 degrees.

✓ Lower cables in an “arc” motion, ensure to feel the chest stretch.

✓ Vary the position of the bench to hit different angles of the upper chest.

✓ Hold and contract the chest muscles when hands are together.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Training Tips:

✓ Palms to face each other, arms positioned shoulder width – wrists rotated to face ceiling (see image.)

✓ Exhale whilst pushing dumbbells upwards – keep control at all times.

✓ Take your time lowering weights.

✓ Vary bench angles to hit different angles of the chest.

3 Incline Barbell Bench Press

Training Tips:

✓ Bench to be around 30 degrees – hands positioned slider wider than shoulder-width.

✓ Position bar straight in front of you, locking arms to secure starting position.

✓ The bar should be lowered slowly until it has reached upper chest – and pause.

✓ Power the bar up using your chest muscles – lock arms and squeeze, getting the contraction.

4 Incline Hammer Strength Machine

Training Tips:

✓ Ensure to adjust the seat height to ensure the bar levels with your chest.

✓ Dig shoulder blades into the seat and ‘push out’ chest muscles.

✓ Exhale whilst pushing the bar forward, holding the contraction when stopped.

✓ Slowly return to starting position.

5 The Landmine Chest Press

Training Tips:

✓ Hold a neutral spine throughout the movement to prevent injury.

✓ Exhale on pushing movement, inhale when returning to starting position.

✓ Contract the pectoral muscle (pecs) at the top of the movement.

6  Reverse Grip Bench Press

This is usually thought of as a triceps-builder but believe it or not, EMI studies show that the RG Bench Press activates the upper chest fibers as much as 40% more than standard incline presses! This movement can be done with free weights or on a Smith machine, whichever you prefer.