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The Best 4 Shoulder Workouts For Mass

We all want a good-looking physique. That being said, most of us train our arms and chest hard. But don't forget your shoulders. Broad shoulders fill out your clothes and make you look manly.

Here are some shoulder workouts for mass that I recommend for general fitness, not for athletes. (Training your shoulders frequently can take time away from exercises that actually improve athleticism.)

include 4 of my favorite workouts to help you build a massive shoulders.

 UPRIGHT BARBELL ROW          3 set of “8,10” reps, rest 30s.

 STANDING MILITARY PRESS     3 set of “8,10” reps, rest 30s.

 SIDE LATERAL RAISE       3 set of “10,12” reps, rest 30s.

CAR DRIVERS       3 set of 10 reps, rest 30s.