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you’ve charged through your training session, or at least what was on paper for today. And truth be told, you’re feeling good. You even have ten minutes left before you need to head back to your daily existence.

So, what can you do to best make use of this available time and energy?

Enter the finisher. As the name suggests, this is a short and simple training piece thrown in at the end of your session. Usually, this involves thrashing yourself to within an inch of your life, making sure you end up in a puddle of sweat on the floor with nothing left to give.

But that’s not the only way to structure your finisher. I propose this time can be used more productively and constructively. Here are six options for the next time you find yourself craving a little more work at the end of your session.

1)Slide Board Intervals

After a leg dominant day, finish with 4 reps (of 20-30 seconds) sliding side-to-side as fast as you can. Rest 60 seconds in between each set. Make sure to keep your hips down (I like to call it “being athletic”) and your chest should be up so that someone watching can read your shirt. Walking stairs, of simply getting out of bed the next day, could be an interesting sight.

2)Chest finisher: The 40-second press-up

How to do it: Get into the normal position for a press-up, ensure that your back is completely flat from head to toe, and your core remains tense. Spend the first 20 seconds slowly lowering your body to within one inch of the floor and the second 20 seconds pushing yourself back up to the start position. If it’s not too embarrassing try to shout out each second, this will have you to maintain a steady pace throughout the reps.

3)Wrist Roller + Barbell Reverse Curl

You can do this finisher at the end of any day. Get a wrist roller with 5-10 lb on the end of it, as well as a barbell with 5-10 lb on each side (depending on your strength level). You’ll perform these for five minutes straight, without rest. Use the wrist roller up-and-down two (2) times before doing eight (8) barbell reverse curls. Once you’ve finished, you’ll repeat without rest until the five minutes is up.

4)Back finisher:Seated plate rows

How to do it: Stack up the seated row machine with 5kg plates until you’ve hit a weight that you can comfortably lift for 12 reps. Sit yourself on the machine with your arms extended and just below shoulder height. Pull the handles towards you keeping your elbows tucked in and then begin to extend back to the start position. Stop a quarter of the way into the motion and pull back to the top position again before fully extending your arms. We like to call this the ‘baby pump’ rep, a smaller range of motion but no less punishing.

5)Run the Rack + OH Extension (arms)

Literally the best way to pump up your arms. Ready? Choose a weight you can get a strict 8 reps of DB hammer curls with to start. Perform 8 reps on each arm, alternating each rep. Once done, grab a 25-45 lb plate and do 10-15 reps of overhead triceps extension. Your palms should be facing each other as well as your elbows in by your ears during this exercise. After that, take a quick walk to the opposite wall before returning to do the superset once again.

6)Drop Bench Shoulder Press

A great finish to any pressing dominant day. Start an adjustable bench up at 90 degrees (the same as it would be for a DB military press). Perform 8 reps of DB military press, and then lower the bench one hole. Perform 8 more reps before lowering the bench once again. Continue to do this until you have lowered the bench 4-5 times. The only rest that you get is to lower the bench to next level. The weight shouldn’t change during this exercise, so choose your weight wisely. On your second set, start the bench as you finished (flat) and work your way up to the military position.