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It’s hard to miss the fact that six-pack abs are huge all over the US (and even globally). For the common man and woman, we salivate over tight abs in the media on stars like Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. As a whole, society has placed a certain sex appeal and mystique on the truly toned abs that can’t be shaken. People want to have and want to see washboard abs.

There are great uses for a strong midsection beyond just showing off the body though. While it’s a great way to attract a member of the opposite sex it serves a certain purpose for professional and other serious athletes.

A powerful set of abs is responsible for maintaining stability in your center, protecting your organs and your spine while providing the strength to move large amounts of weight. If you want to be able to muscle around massive amounts of weight with getting crushed, then you need to have a strong central core and training your body with the top 5 abs exercises is the right way to go.

Weighted Sit-ups
Roman Chair Leg Raises
Physioball Pikes
Ab Rollers
Isolated Hanging Leg Raises 

Bicycle Crunch