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10 to 15 Minutes to Set Your Abdominal

Long gone are the days of spending a full hour training your abs. To maximize time and efficiency, you only need 10 to 15 minutes to set your abdominal muscles on fire and get an intense burn that lasts. Rather than doing three sets of one exercise and moving on to three sets of another exercise, plan your ab workouts like you would a total-body circuit. Pick a different focus with each exercise and try to move from exercise to exercise with as little rest in between as possible.

Equipment Required: Ball, Exercise Mat (Optional)


10 minute workout
1 minute stretch at the end

10 rope climbs high
10 rope climbs diagonal each side
10 knees to side crunches each side
10 pelvic tilted crunches
30 sec forearm planks inch walks (back, forward)
10 T-shape dorsal raises
10 Knee to inside and outside Elbow Plank
Repeat entire set twice