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A Beginners Guide To Leg Workouts

Beginners perform fewer exercises and sets per workout so as not to overtrain. A beginner leg workout includes exercises for the thighs and lower legs, but not multiple exercises for each individual muscle group. Only do this leg workout once per week as a beginner, and work your way up to two leg workouts.

Keep Your Body Well Fuelled

Legs are the largest muscle groups in the body so require a lot of energy. Make sure you consume a meal rich in both protein & in carbohydrates (the body’s main energy source) before training. Once you have finished the workout, replenish your body with a good source of protein, shakes are a great option as they enter the body quickly and are well absorbed.

Stretch/ Warm Up

A good leg workout is very demanding on the body so you want to make sure you get your body as ready as possible for what you are about to do to it. Making sure you are warmed will not only allow you to have a better range of movement when training but can also reduce the chances on an injury.

Don’t skip leg day

Some gym enthusiasts neglect their legs and just focus on upper body training, this can lead to imbalances. Plus having a well built upper body with under developed legs will look out of proportion.
You should develop and strengthen all your leg muscles equally to prevent imbalances in the appearance of the muscles. More importantly it will improve your athletic performances and it will also help to prevent injuries.

Leg Workouts

This first home leg workout can be performed without any equipment, however dumbbells can be used to add resistance to the exercises.
For the other two workouts you require access to exercise equipment or a gym.
Equipment Needed
Leg Extension Machines – Thigh & Hamstring
Calf Raise Machine or Step

Squat Rack
Leg Press Machine
Beginner Leg Workouts
Home leg workout
Exercise                      Sets              Reps
Lunges                          4         10 each leg
Squats                          4               10
Calf raises                    4               10
Step ups                      3               30

Gym leg workout one (beginner)   
Exercise                                    Sets    Reps
Front thigh leg curls                   3            8 - 10
Rear hamstring leg curls            3            8 - 10
Leg press                                      4            8 - 10
Calf raises                                     3            8 - 10

Gym leg workout two (advanced)   
Exercise                                 Sets         Reps
Squats                                     4            8 - 10
Lunges                                     4       10 each leg
Deadlift                                   4            6 - 8
Calf raises                                4             10
Leg press                                  4            8 - 10

The sets and reps in these workouts are only an example. In the advanced workout you can reduce the sets to 3 as the workout is fairly demanding. I recommend a minimum of 3 sets per exercise for best results.