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The Ultimate Forearm Workout & The 6 Best Forearm Exercises for Popeye Arms

From a purely cosmetic angle, lagging forearms can kill the overall look of your arms. Sure, there are certain bluffs that can be employed to offset that imbalance like wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops as often as possible. However, up here in the true north, those with poor forearm development are eventually left with a choice – look like a fool and get hypothermia in December or do something about it. 

From a performance angle, both in and out of the weight room, grip and forearm strength can do a lot of good. Whether you’re a domestic worker, or a mixed martial artist, having claws of death puts you one step ahead when carrying loads, grappling with an opponent or performing submission holds. All this being said, here are a few tricks that are sure to make your forearms more impressive in terms of both looks and functionality.

The Best Forearm Exercises

Loaded Carries
Trap bar carry
Reverse thumbless preacher curl
Farmers walk/static Hold
Palms-up over-bench wrist curl
Hammer Curls

routine out:


Chest with oversized grips


Back and barbell holds


Arms with oversized grips


Shoulders with oversized grips


Legs with plate pinches


Rest and hand exerciser


Rest and hand exerciser