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Best Male Chest Workout at Home and Gym

While some people are looking for a workout at home or at the gym to lose excess pounds, others want to gain a more muscular, defined and strengthened body. And one of the parts of the body that can not be left out of this process of definition, strengthening and muscular volume is the pectoral.

However, to develop this region you need to put together a training with the appropriate exercises. But what would they be? We select below just some of the best male chest workout at home.

Before checking the selection, it is important that you know that it has not been organized in order of preference or efficiency.

Single Leg Push Up Reps 20

 This should be your most challenging push up so be sure to push yourself to get the most out of each repetition. Start on your hands and toes with your feet spread to shoulder width or wider and lift one foot so that it is hovering off of the ground, then complete each repetition as you would a traditional push up. The wider you set your feet the harder the push up will be as it will shift more weight to one arm.  You can actually get the to point where you are using just one hand for 100% of the load. Switch which foot is up and repeat for the same amount of time and/or repetitions.

Wide Push Up Reps 20

 Done exactly like a traditional push up but with your hands set as wide as is comfortable and you can control.  We suggest hands 2 to 4 inches outside the width of your elbows when arms are straight out from your sides. This version puts more strain on your chest muscles so drop to your knees if your form starts to slide.

Rotational press-up – Reps 20

    Start in a press-up position and lower yourself to one side, twisting as you do so most of your weight is on one shoulder.
    Press up, then do the same on the other side. That’s two reps.

Shuffle press-up – Reps 20

    Get in a press-up position with one hand ahead of your shoulder and one behind. Lower yourself to the floor and press up. That’s one rep.
    At the top of the move, jump or walk your hands into the opposite position, then do the next rep. Continue alternating.

Diamond press-up – Reps 10

    For this triceps blaster, position your hands together under your chest so your index fingers and thumbs form a triangle, and lower yourself until your chest touches your hands.
    Press back up to the start.

Gorilla press-up – Reps 10

    Start in a standard press-up position, lower yourself to the floor and then press up quickly, launching yourself off the floor.
    Slap your chest quickly before returning your hands to the start position.

More Home Workout Chest Moves

After a few weeks of doing that workout, add variety by switching out some of the moves with these ones. Even if it’s just a slight variation on the move it’s always good to hit your muscles in different ways and from different angles to ensure maximum growth. Some of the moves are performed with the use of a box, but if you don't have one at home just grab anything that will elevate your body when your arm(s) rests on it, a large thick book for example.

Corkscrew press-up

Start in a press-up position but with your hands in front of your shoulders. As you bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the floor, twist your hips to one side and then back the other way, keeping your core engaged throughout. Then press back to the start. Starting with your hands further forward works your shoulders harder, while adding a hip rotation with each rep recruits your core and lower abs muscles

Archer press-up

Start in a normal press-up position but as you lower yourself reach one arm out to the side, resting on your wrist. Return to the start. Repeat with your other arm. This variation tests those small but important stabilising muscles of the shoulder that must work hard to support your bodyweight as you lower then lift your torso repeatedly. It also works your core muscles, which are forced to maintain torso stability with each rep.

Divebomber press-up

Start in a press-up position then raise your hips and bend your elbows. Lower your head and chest down and forwards, moving your torso in a smooth arc to raise your head and chest. Reverse the movement to return to the start position. It works your shoulders hard, as well as your core to maintain torso stability.

Alternating shuffle press-up

Get yourself into the classic press-up position. Move your left hand to the right until both hands are next to each other. Then, slide your right hand further right until your hands are back in the original position (shoulder-width apart). At this point perform a press-up and then repeat the move in the opposite direction. That’s one rep.

Dynamic box press-up

Place both hands on a box in the diamond press-up position (outlined above). Lower your body and press as explosively as you can off the box, so your hands are able to land on the floor with the box placed between them. Immediately lower your body and press explosively up so that your hands land straight back on the box in the position that you started in. That counts as one rep. Watch your chin, though – people have been known to catch theirs on the box mid-rep. Not pretty.

One-arm press-up

Quite self-explanatory this one. Perform a press-up with your left hand on the floor and your right hand supported on the box. Switch over arms and then repeat. Remember that counts as one rep, not two.

Cross-over box press-up

Perform a one-arm press-up with your right hand on a box (or any other raised platform). From the starting position, lift your left hand to beside your right, then move your right hand down to the floor keeping your hands roughly shoulder-width apart. Perform a press-up. That counts as one rep.

Hands-on-box diamond press-up

Once again, fairly straightforward. Perform a diamond press-up but this time keep both hands planted on the box.