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Build a V-Tapered Body An Intense And Insane In Just 4 Weeks

Dramatically altering the physique to reveal a shape that can best be described as breathtaking can only be achieved when training for balanced size.

Massive arms bookending comparatively mediocre lat and shoulder development may look impressive in that tight-fitting shirt, but when the shirt comes off the muscular deficiencies become all the more glaring.

While certain overdeveloped areas can overshadow an impressive physique, the shoulders and lats (key V Taper muscles) can never be too well-developed.

Indeed, the real key to building the kind of V Taper that distinguishes the best physiques from the shapeless masses is to ensure all muscle groups are built to a respectable level with an emphasis on further developing the back, shoulders and chest while tightening the waistline.

Though the perfect V Taper remains the most sought-after attribute for both hardcore bodybuilders and beach body hopefuls, building one can be a perplexing task.

With conflicting advice confusing V Taper trainees the world over, where does one begin?

The Plan

“Don’t underestimate the intensity of this barbell complex,” says Morley. “Keep the weight light enough to allow you to do all the moves with good form for the best results.”

                            Sets           Reps         Rest
        Week 1         4                 5            90sec
        Week 2         4                 8            90sec
        Week 3         4                 8            90sec
        Week 4         5                 8            60sec

Use the four-week plan above, doing this complex two or three times a week as a finisher to burn off belly fat and enhance your functional fitness.

The Workout

Bent-over row

How to:

    - Grasp the bar with hands double shoulder-width apart.
    - Hinge forwards at your hips, keep your core braced and raise the bar towards your sternum.

Tip: Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together.


How to:

    - Squat to lower the bar to shin height, keeping your chest up and your back straight.
    - Then drive your hips forwards to stand tall.
    - Reverse the move back to the start.

Tip: Pull your shoulders back and down to maintain a flat, neutral spine.

High pull

How to:

    - From standing, move your hips back and lower the bar to mid-thigh height, then drive your hips forwards powerfully and quickly raise the bar up to mid-chest height, leading with your elbows so they stay above the bar.

Tip: Keep the bar close to your body and in contact with your hips as you drive them forwards to generate power.

Muscle snatch

How to:

    - In the same way as with the high pull, drive your hips forwards and raise the bar quickly but bring it all the way up, keeping it close to your body, until your arms are locked out above you.

Tip: As the bar reaches shoulder height, rotate your hands around it and punch it overhead.

Klokov press

How to:

    - On the final muscle snatch, lower the bar to rest on your upper back and shoulders.
    - Bend your legs to lower into a quarter squat, then drive up powerfully, using the momentum to press the bar overhead.

Tip: Keep looking straight ahead and avoid craning your neck.

Back squat

How to:

    - Lower the bar back onto your upper back and shoulders and sink into a deep squat, keeping your weight on your heels and your chest up.
    - Then drive your hips forwards as you return to standing.

Tip: To help keep your chest up, pull down on the bar as if you’re trying to break it in half across your back.