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Full Killer Leg Workouts For Obtaining Desirable Legs

Well, first thing first, they walk us around the whole day, and yet most people dedicate too little time in taking care of them.

Legs are probably the hardest part of body to both build and shape.

That’s because even if your goal is to bulk up, you probably won’t.

Now, if you’re certain of your goal and are willing to give your 100% to build better legs, you’re in the right place.

I’m giving my everything to help you achieve what you crave for, including working out right, learning the best leg exercises and eating for muscles, all of that spiced up with my tips and tricks.

Step by step, rep by rep.

You’re not only getting the best leg day exercises, but you’re getting them packed together with every single aspect that affects leg muscles to grow and take a nice and lean shape.

Benefits of Leg Workouts

Legs muscles consist of three major muscle groups, which are quadriceps, hamstrings and adductor muscles. There are several benefits of working these muscle groups, some of which are

    Increase in muscle mass

When a person performs leg workouts consistently, it results in the release of several muscle building hormones that usually does not occur while performing the upper body workout.

    Faster weight loss

Increase in your muscle mass by doing rigorous leg workouts does not just builds up the muscle mass but also ensures that your metabolism is boosted up, leading to a rapid weight loss, while retaining the muscles.

    Improvement of functionality

Strong legs are needed in every sphere of life, you need legs to walk, run and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Having a good leg workouts routine only ensures that you are able to lead your life happily by enhancing your leg strength.
Leg workouts for weight loss

As mentioned earlier leg workout does not simply makes you appear muscular but also helps in losing weight effectively. Some of the common leg workouts that are popular when it comes to shedding weight are

#1. Squats

Squats are undoubtedly the first leg workout that comes to everybody’s mind for losing weight. To do a basic squat you must stand tall and keep your feet hip distance apart, while your knees, toes, and legs facing forward. Now bend your knees and raise your hip backward in such a manner as if you are going to sit on a chair. During this, your weight must come on your heels. Do 6-8 reps of this exercise and do it in the sets of 2-3.

#2. Front squats or kettlebell goblet squats 

Front squats also known as goblet squat is a more extensive form of squat that helps in gaining extra mobility and strength in your lower body, while rapidly making you lose weight. For doing this workout you need a kettlebell or bar with weights. Hold the bar or kettlebell in front of you by keeping at shoulder width apart. Now remove your thumb and last finger from beneath the bar and keep a relaxed open palm. Now step forward and take a breath and hold it towards the bottom to maintain the core tightness. Now flex your knees and hips slowly. Do 2-3 sets of this exercise.

#3. Lunges

Lunges are very simple leg workouts that can be performed anytime anywhere. They show their effect in no time and are a great strength training as well as weight loss exercise. For performing lunges correctly you need to keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders relaxed, while staring in front of you straight and keeping your core engaged. Now take a step forward with one leg, and lower your hips till both knees are bent at an angle of 90-degrees. Your front knee should be directly above your ankle while avoiding the other knee from touching the floor. Your weight must be restricted to your heels while you push back to your initial position.

#4. Deadlifts

Deadlift is a miraculous workout that strengthens your overall body while helping in shedding the excess fat. For performing this exercise keep your feet flat on the floor, bend the knees slowly and grab the bar while keeping your hand’s shoulder with apart. You can either have a double overhand grip or a reverse grip (allows heavier lifting). Keep your head in a straight and neutral position while looking forward. Keep your chin up and back straight. Now lift the bar using your legs and moving your hips forward, while driving the bar upwards as powerfully as possible. Your spine should be kept strength from the start to the end.

#5. Glute-Ham Raises

This leg workout helps in working your hamstrings and your entire posterior chain. You need a GHR bench for performing this exercise. You must begin by setting up the knees directly or slightly behind the pad, with feet firmly on the platform while keeping the calves slightly pressed against the upper ankle hook. Now start by keeping your upper body perpendicular to the ground. Now squeeze your hamstrings, glutes, and abs under control until your torso is the perpendicular floor. Now return to the initial position by pushing the toes into footplates. Make sure your glutes remain contracted while doing this.

How to get perfect legs in a week

Leg exercises are a little rigorous and require dedication and will to perform them. However, your dream of attaining stronger and perfectly shaped legs can be accomplished within a week or so by following the right steps.

    -Keep yourself hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated before beginning any exercise routine to avoid any muscle tearing and muscle wasting.

    -Eat the right food in smaller portions

In order to obtain killer legs, you must avoid junk food and include more fruits, vegetables, and protein in your diet, which preferably should be taken every 4 hours in smaller portions.

    -The exercise routine for perfect legs in a week

For obtaining the desirable legs in a week or two you must include a mix of cardiovascular and strength training (Circuit training). This includes running, jogging followed by 20 stiff deadlifts, 20 side lunges, 30 jumping jacks, 20 step-ups, 25 squats and 12 walking lunges for 3 circuits. These circuits may be increased as you approach day 7 and the number of squats, lunges should also be increased significantly to see better results in a short time.