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Pure Whey Protein Powder- The Top Protein Powder For Building Muscles


How do you choose a whey protein powder? Do you go on the recommendation of your buddy at the gym and take what he takes? Do you pick the bottle with the shiniest, most cutting-edge label? Do you go by what tastes good or what’s on sale at your local GNC?

The truth is, these are serious questions. You know that taking whey protein at the right times of day can make all the difference in between building an extra half-inch on your arms or adding 20 pounds to your personal best on the bench press. But not just any whey will do. There are great whey protein products and there are not-so-good whey protein products. And being able to tell the difference between them can be critical to your gains.

The first step in determining whether your protein is worthy is to give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve recognized whey’s benefits and have included it in your daily regimen. Just to review, whey is enormously beneficial for several reasons, including amino acid and microfraction content (more on that in a minute) and digestion rate.

Bodybuilder men and women are always looking for the protein supplement which would help them to build up body muscles speedily and effectively.  Good amount of research is going on to determine the best protein powder for building body muscle.

There are differences of opinion regarding the best protein powder. Many protein forms, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food forms, have been tried for this purpose. No one has arrived at a unanimous conclusion till date.

Pure Whey Protein Powder- Still The Number ONE Protein Powder

Pure whey protein powder is still considered to increase muscle growth. It’s a milk protein powder. Whey protein is present in milk along with the other milk protein- Casein.

A coagulant, mostly in the form of Renin is added to the milk to separate Whey protein from Casein. The Casein protein turns into curd. The Whey protein separates out. Whey protein is the water-soluble protein in the milk, whereas Casein is insoluble in water.

Pure whey protein powder is highly acceptable and trusted protein supplement. It is used as the protein supplement for normal persons also, who are suffering from protein malnutrition and are in need of protein supplementation therapy. It is a water-soluble protein. This increases muscle protein synthesis at the fastest rate since it gets absorbed and assimilated in the human digestive system in record time.

Whey protein powder contains a very high amount of L-cysteine. It is a form of body muscle building amino acid. L-cysteine is very useful in correcting protein deficiencies, which mostly occur during aging. Chronic diseases such as Diabetes and other debilitating conditions also cause protein deficiency. L-cysteine very effectively alleviates this protein deficiency in the human body.

Whey protein also helps in losing excess body fat. This is the function of protein supplements. Whey protein powder helps in losing excess body fat and increase muscle density by increasing protein synthesis. Addition of extra protein in daily nutritional intake automatically results in body fat loss.

Whey protein powder is the most cherished protein supplement for bodybuilders. Whey protein powder is still considered as the best protein powder for building muscles.

This is the safest and best protein powder. It does not cause any harm to liver or kidneys. But whey protein powder should be used with caution in cases of pre-existing liver or kidney problems.

This is best for promoting muscle mass gain. Whey protein powder also helps in faster recovery. The Whey protein powder in Whey isolates form provides maximum protein concentration of premium protein powder to increase muscle growth.

Best Protein Powders And Their Types

There are many types of protein powders. These protein powders are considered as best protein powders. These are made from different sources.

Protein powder to increase muscle growth is concentrated source of protein. They are made from animal or plant foods. Some of these best protein powders are fortified with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

Milk protein Casein is considered as best protein powder for men. Casein is digested and assimilated slowly by forming a gel, when it comes in contact with stomach acid, in the stomach. This results in gradual and much steadier exposure of muscles to the amino acids. Casein protein is considered as best protein powder for building muscle, just next to whey protein.

Egg protein is also well known for being an excellent animal food source of premium quality protein. Eggs have highest protein digestibility among all whole foods. Egg protein gets digested slowly. It provides a full stomach feeling for a long duration of time and helps in controlling appetite. Eggs are the best protein for building muscles because it provides all nine essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by the body.

Pea protein has proved itself as good protein to increase muscle growth. It works as effectively as any animal source protein.

Hemp protein powder is now becoming popular as best in the respective category. Hemp is a plant-based protein supplementation for the bodybuilders. It is fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains several essential amino acids. Hemp protein powder is a well-digested plant source protein, to increase muscle growth.

Brown rice protein is one of the best protein powders for men.  Brown rice protein powder helps in building muscles as best protein powder.

Pure whey protein powder is made by mixing two or more than two proteins from a plant source. It may be a combination of Brown rice, Peas, Alfa Alfa, Hemp, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Quinoa, and Artichoke.

This mixed plant protein powder is an only powder which tends to be digested more slowly than other animal source protein powders. Plant-source protein powder has higher fiber contents. This may inhibit the availability of amino acids to the muscle tissues, especially immediately after exercise.

The best protein powder for building muscles is a combination of pure whey protein powder, pea rice blend of protein, with digestive enzyme supplements, to increase the speed of digestion and absorption of protein for a higher rate of protein synthesis. This combination should be a quantity of 60 Gms in one serving to builders of body muscles.

Best protein powder to build muscle may vary from individual to individual. One has to try and decide for the best after seeing the results.