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Best Full Week Workout Plan - 6 Days Body Training For Muscle Mass


When you’ve been in the iron game a while, you begin to ask yourself some tough questions: How do I maximize size without sacrificing strength? How do I get stronger without getting injured? In short, how can a lifter have it all—muscle, power, and pain-free joints to enjoy the benefits? The answer is a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding programming, colloquially known as “powerbuilding,” blended in the formula we offer here. See results in six weeks! Seriously.

For each exercise make sure you warm up and lift within the 4-6, 6-8 rep range, These workouts will typically involve lots of rest and heavy to moderate weight.

Monday - Chest

    Bench Press
    Incline Flyes
    Incline Bench Press
    Pec Deck

Tuesday - Legs

    Barbell Squat
    Leg Press
    Leg Extensions
    Hamstring Curls
    Calf Raises

Wednesday - Arms

    Barbell Curl
    Seated Curl
    Concentration Curl
    Tricep Extension
    Tricep Push
    Tricep Kickback
    Cable Extensions
    Forearm Curl

Thursday - Back

    Lat-Pull Down
    Seated Row
    Barbell Row
    T-Bar Row

Friday- Shoulders

    Seated Military Press
    Dumbell Press
    Side Lateral Raises
    Front Raises
    Rear Delt Raise

Saturday- Abs!