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6 Top Technique Points To Increase Bench Press Weight

Want to add more weight to your bench? Sliding more plates onto the barbell and just letting it rip isn’t always the answer. In fact, in my 16 years of coaching, I’ve seen far too many guys miss solid reps—or worse, take a bar to the neck—by allowing their egos to get in the way.

Instead of piling the extra weight on immediately, train smarter: There are a bunch of tiny tweaks lifters can adopt to reap large rewards on the bench. And I mean increasing both your size and the amount of weight you can push.

There are two types of bench press tweaks you can make: The first involves the setup, which guys notoriously flub. Most guys just plop on the bench like a dead fish, feet splayed out and putting no thought into their shoulder position. That’s a problem, since the bench press is more of a full-body movement than most people give it credit for. It’s the full-body tension and how you position yourself that will often dictate how much weight you’ll be able to hoist off your chest.

The second kind of bench press tweak involves how you’re actually executing the lift. Lots of times, guys aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing here, either—they’d just trying to rack it back up as soon as possible.

Thankfully, there are tiny tweaks you can make to both of these situations that will make your bench press more effective, and actually help you lift more weight safely.

Increase Rep Ranges

As the objective here is to be able to bench more weight, this next tip is beneficial.
If you’ve found that you cannot bench press any more weight than what you’re currently able to lift then you need to shock the body into a positive response. For a few weeks, perform the same bench press exercises, only with lighter weights and more repetitions instead.
Say you’re stuck on maximum and simply can’t go any heavier, for the next few weeks, try reducing a weight down instead and aim for more reps. Most gyms will have light plates, use these light plates to your advantage and use them to help you increase the amount of weight you can bench.
Instead, you should gradually work your way up, by increasing the weight in increments of a small plate per side. Begin at a comfortable light weight, perform one rep, add another plate, perform another rep and continue to do so until you reach absolute failure.
Gradually work your way back up to maximum and by the time you get back there, you should be able to push for more. This will then increase more and more with each passing week.

One Rep Max

When trying to increase bench press fast, it’s easy to actually attempt to do so, without knowing what their one rep max is. Basically, your one rep max is the amount of weight that you can lift when performing the exercise, for one rep only and unassisted.
When you know what your one rep max is, you can then work on increasing it. Instead of performing 4–6 heavy reps, work on performing just one rep, with the heaviest weight you can manage.
This will help stimulate new growth and will recruit more muscle fibres. This will then help you to generate more explosive power to help power the bar up from your chest.

Explosive Lifts And Grip

By explosive lifts, you should focus on recruiting more fast-twitch muscle fibres by focusing on pressing the bar explosively and quickly on the way up. When looking to increase bench press fast, explosive lifting is ideal. You lift the bar off the rack slowly then slowly control the bar down until it grazes your chest.
Here, you will pause for a second, before pushing the bar upwards as quickly and as powerfully as you can. Also simply altering your grip slightly, you will be able to lift a great deal more weight on the bench press.
The narrower your grip, the less the chest is worked and the more the triceps are worked. By going for a slightly wider grip, you are able to generate even more power from your chest muscles, as well as your triceps muscles.

Press More Often

With bench pressing practice it and try to do it more frequently. To increase bench press fast, increase the frequency in which you bench press each week.
If you only bench once per week, try twice per week instead, or have a day solely for working on your bench press. You will bench press and work muscle groups, plus perform exercises that you know are going to help you to improve and get better.
After a few weeks of increased bench press frequency, you should notice an impressive improvement.

Eat Enough

When you train heavy, you need to ensure you have plenty of energy! Which means that your body must have plenty of calories available which it will then convert into energy for you. Before you hit the gym, make sure you have a good supply of healthy meals and supplements to provide your body with energy.
Oatmeal, peanut butter and a banana for example, is one of the best pre-workout meals, it provides fats, proteins and both fast and slow release carbohydrates. Your body literally has everything it needs. A pre-workout protein shake is also beneficial, around one hour before you train.