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Best Ab Exercises & Workouts

It’s not only six-pack seekers who should be paying their abs plenty of attention when they visit the gym. Strong abs are an integral part of a rock-solid core, which should be one of the goals of any fitness regime.

That’s because a strong core is the foundation upon which so many other things rest – whether that’s good posture that helps to prevent lower back pain developing from sitting at a desk all day, or the mobility and strength required to excel in sports and other activities ranging all the way from athletics to zumba.

Abs & Bac%k
This workout includes unique ab and back exercises to really help strengthen your torso.
Abs & Core Workout
This straightforward workout includes a variety of exercises for the abs and lower back, including ball crunches, bicycles and knees tucks on the ball. There's a nice mix of traditional exercises along with some new ones to keep things interesting.
Abs, Hips & Thighs - Medicine Ball Training
This workout offers sample exercises targeting the abs, hips and thighs using a medicine ball and a stability ball.
Advanced Ab Exercises
Get pictures and descriptions of a variety of advanced exercises that will challenge your abs, including the rectos abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis and lower back.
Beginner Back and Abs Workout
This workout takes you through some basic exercises to work your abs and your back.
Best Ab Workout
The most effective ab exercises include moves like the bicycle, ball crunches, captain's chair exercise and more. Get a strong, healthy core with this workout which includes the most effective ab exercises.
Core Exercises
Get step-by-step pictures and descriptions of core exercises.
Dynamic Ab Workout
Try these unique exercises that target the muscles of the torso in new and dynamic ways. This workout is perfect if you're tired of the same old crunches!
Exercises for Your Abs
These basic exercises help target your ab muscles including the rectos abdominis, transverse abdominis and internal/external obliques.
Sample Ab Workouts
These sample workouts are for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers for people who are confused about exactly how to work their abdominal s.
Total Core Workout
This workout targets the core muscles of the abs and back with some unusual (and often difficult) exercises. These moves involve an exercise ball and a resistance band and require lots of strength, balance and stability. For intermediate or advanced exercisers.
Yoga and Pilates for Your Abs
These exercises, based on yoga and Pilates, will help strengthen your abs in a whole new way.