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Get the Most Out of your Bench

The Bench Press is often at the top of many people’s list when working out. People often associate it with being strong, and that makes a whole lot of sense. Because to lift a lot of weight on the bench … you have to be pretty strong! The bare bar alone, before weight plates are added, weighs 45 pounds. With that being said, one of the most common questions associated with physical fitness is “how much do you bench?” If you love to bench, and would like to lift more than you already can … consider taking us up on these suggestions. They’re sure to get your big numbers up!

Increase grip strength: The harder you squeeze the bar during your press, the more muscles you will use. To increase your grip strength, do various grip exercises holding dumbbells which dangle towards the ground, this will force you  a person to use your grip keep them up.

Increase tricep strength: Triceps are just as important as your pectorals when bench pressing. The triceps function to extend the arms which helps push at the top of one’s bench-press. In other words, the triceps are vital in ensuring you’ll finish each and every rep. Doing tricep isolation exercises, such as the tricep extension, will enhance your bench for sure.

Increase bicep strength: Sure, you’re triceps are responsible for pushing the bar up, but the biceps make sure you can lower the bar back towards your chest in a controlled manner. No, you don’t want all of that weight crashing down on you. Doing isolated bicep exercises, like the bicep curl, are of equal importance. All of these muscle groups make for a a lot, or a little power, depending on your attention to them.

Work on full body timing and coordination: By driving your feet into the floor while driving your arms up through the bar you are using your full body. At the bottom of the rep people often “explode” from the bottom giving them that extra power to finish the rep. This dramatically increases a person’s bench-press. With practice, working your body together will help to increase your bench.

Set attainable goals: Give yourself something reasonable to work towards. Obviously, if your bench max is 155, then your goal should not be to bench 300 in the next three months. Set small goals and work your way up when you achieve each challenge.

Be mentally prepared: Being prepared in your head is just as important as the rest of your body. Get their mind right and ready to focus before benching.

After putting these suggestions to use, one should see a dramatic increase in their bench over time. Coupled with proper diet and training, the sky is the limit.