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High Volume Leg Workout For Monster Gains / bodybuilding110

Want leg size? Willing to do anything? Look no further.

You’re going to hate me. You’re going to wish you had never read this article. And when you sit on the porcelain throne tomorrow, you will curse my name with an agony-drenched voice. Walking up stairs will be painful. Walking down stairs will be painful. Walking to the fridge will be painful. Blinking will be painful.


If this sounds like fun to you, then you’re ready to try this workouts.

Just to give you an idea here was today’s leg workout…

Leg Day Lift 1:  Leg Press (15,15,12,12)

    Set 1: 15 Reps
    Set 2: 15 Reps
    Set 3: 12 Reps
    Set 4: 12 Reps

I also increase the weight for each set.

That means it got heavier and heavier and harder and harder.

Leg Day Lift 2:  Squat (3 x 12)

On this leg day I did…

    Set 1: 12 reps
    Set 2: 12 reps
    Set 3: 12 Reps

Here’s the thing…

… I always am changing up my rep range.

It just keeps it interesting and fun for me.  Go ahead and give this full workout a try for a couple weeks and see what you think.  After that, if you are liking it start to play with your rep ranges.

Leg Day Lift 3:  Leg Curl (4 x 10)

On this leg day I did…

    Set 1: 10 reps
    Set 2: 10 reps
    Set 3: 10 reps
    Set 4: 10 reps.

Hamstrings were burning like crazy.

One thing that I will often do with hamstring curls is to do super low reps.  In like the four or less rep range for many more sets (like 7×3).  The reason I do this is so I can load the weight on.

It is often really hard for guys to get growth in their hamstrings.

For me, focusing on a heavier weight really helps.  And the key to hamstrings is the eccentric movement (letting the weight down slowly and controlled).

Leg Day Lift #4:  Reverse Leg Press (3 x 10 each leg)

They will have a very substantial impact on your fitness.

I did…

    Set 1: 10 reps
    Set 2: 10 reps
    Set 3: 10 reps

Reverse leg press is also a great exercise for your upper hamstrings.
It can really give you some thickness throughout the back of your legs if you are placing an emphasis on heavy weights and controlling your reps.

Leg Day Lift 5:  Front Squat (3 x 12)  

I did 3 sets by 12 reps.

By the time I got to my front squats on this particular leg workout day I was absolutely exhausted.

My legs were screaming!

I knew that enough was enough.

One of the reasons I end with front squats is to fully exhaust my quads.