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Best 10 Chest Exercises to Get Ripped for This Summer

Aside from building up biceps and abs, one of the main concerns of men is how to get a bigger chest. Having a well defined chest can give you a more confident posture. Here are some exercises that will help you increase the volume, size and definition of your pecs.

How to Get a Bigger Chest

#1. Barbell Bench Press


 This exercise helps to build the maximum power with barbells. Apart from being an easier alternative than pressing heavy dumbbells this exercise allows you to shift more weight. It is absolutely easy to learn exercise if not master it apart from which there are many prom bench press exercises you can follow to add on to your strength. It is recommended that you perform this routine at the start of the chest workout and if you change the width of your grip on the barbell it can help in complete chest development.

#2. Flat Bench Dumbbell Press


When you use a dumbbell for your exercise both the sides of your body get a workout as more muscles are brought into use. It is true that dumbbells are difficult to control as compared to barbell but even this is true that dumbbell allow a longer and wider range of motion as compared to barbell. It is recommended to do this exercise again towards the start of your chest exercises for heavy sets in lower rep ranges.

#3. Low-incline Barbell Bench Press


 When a barbell bench press is performed at a steep angle the pressure is on the front delts than the chest to move the weight. Instead of that try for a lesser steep incline to put back the pressure on the upper pecs rather than the delts. Usually chest exercises start from flat benches towards the incline. But it is a good habit to ever so often start with an incline first. This can be beneficial to put more stress on the upper pecs and induce more growth.

#4. Machine decline press


 While doing a machine decline presses the next time consider sitting side ways on the apparatus and pressing your body each arm at a time. This way it provides a completely diverse feeling unlike when you use the apparatus sitting straight. By sitting sideways on the machine you can increase the effects of the press. You could perform this exercise as the last mutijoint exercise of your routine.

#5. Seated Machine chest press


 As compared to free weight pressing moves on the flat bench, machine press has some additional benefits. Firstly it is easier to slow down your repetitions and secondly it is great for doing quick dropsets. If your soul purpose is to gain mass then this exercise is recommended in the last of the routine as machines provide higher chances at mass building with least assistance for the shoulder.

#6. Incline Dumbell Press


 Dumbbell presses are a priority in every exercise routine there can be a number of variations with a adjustable instead of a fixed bench. When a muscle is hit from different degrees of incline it helps the building process more thoroughly. This comes usually in the first position in your routine of exercises but can easily be pushed back to the third. Just remember that the later this exercise is done lesser is the weight you can push.

#7. Dips for chest


 First of all make sure you are doing the dips right for a chest exercise. The right form is to put your feet back and lean forward as much as possible and flaring your elbows as you dip. It depends on your strength as to when is this exercise performed.

#8. Incline bench cable fly


 There are not many single joint exercises on the list but this is an effective exercise for your pecs to segregate them after you finish your multi joint exercises. A continuous tension is maintained with the help of the cables throughout the exercise. This exercise is recommended at the end of the workout with slightly higher reps.

#9. Incline Dumbbell Pullover


 As compared to the flat bench pull over’s, these incline bench pull over’s create tension on your chest fibers for a higher range of motion. What you just have to do is settle back against a bench inclined at 45 degrees and just make sure that the dumbbell makes it to the top. Also try to keep this as a single joint movement which means no bending or extending of the elbows.

#10. Pec deck machine

 Chest flyers can prove to be hard for you if you have just started or a trainee. Because the arms are locked in a bent position for the duration of the exercise with dumbbells or cables. But the peck deck exercise proves much simpler because here it needs to be worked on just one pathway at a time. It is recommended to perform this exercise in the last of your routine for sets of 10-12.