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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner the best times to eat in India.



Many people skip breakfast because they are running late for work, whether it is at the workplace or elsewhere. Bear in mind that eating at the right time is crucial for good health. To live a healthy life, your eating schedule should be fine and on time.

Following this simple routine of eating at regular intervals will also help you lose weight.

3 Quick Steps to Weight Loss

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner the best times to eat in India.

Within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up, eat something.
Breakfast should not be delayed past 10 a.m.
Make sure your breakfast contains enough protein.


Keep a four-hour difference between your breakfast and lunch meals.
Lunch should not be served after 4 p.m.


Dinner should be consumed three to four hours after lunch and one hour before bedtime.
Dinner should not be served later than 10 p.m.


Working out on an empty stomach is never a good idea | (especially weight training).
A banana is ideal for a post-workout meal or a Sugar-Free Smoothie.
The smaller and easier the meal should be the sooner you eat before working out.

It's important to understand what you should eat before a workout in order to fuel your body for exercise—and what you eat after a workout will aid in muscle recovery.

Your body needs oxygen, I'm not referring to any kind of pre-workout supplement; rather, I'm referring to the real food that you can eat before and after you exercise to fuel your body.