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Exercises that can melt your belly fat in 20 minutes


This fitness program is designed to help you shape and refine your waistline while losing belly fat. This is a very easy routine that will take no more than 20 minutes to complete. You'll notice a difference in a month if you have courage and perseverance.

1. Front plank


Prepare to work on your chest, buttocks, back, shoulders, and triceps by assuming an ironing plank posture with your forearms supported.

To avoid overloading your shoulder joints, make sure your elbows are in line with your shoulders.

To stop being pushed, keep your gaze on the ground.

Rest your knees if you're a novice so your lower back isn't overworked.

Often, if you're a novice, rest your knees so your lower back isn't overworked.

Reps: 4 sets of 20 seconds each.

2. The Man of Steel


With your back straight, stand quadruped (4 legs on the floor).

Bring one leg together and place your opposite arm in the centre.

As far as you can, extend your arm forward and your leg backward.
They should not need to be raised excessively; they must be matched with the rest of the body.

It's important to hold the pelvis and spine in a balanced position, as well as the body's weight in the middle.
You must keep your hips from slanting in the direction of the dice.

This exercise will improve the abdominal and back muscles while also enhancing body balance.

3 repetitions for a total of 25 seconds.

3. Lateral equilibrium


Lay flat on your back with your arms at your sides.
With your whole back hitting the floor and your abdomen enabled.
Bring your legs to one side and then the other, but don't let them hit the ground.
Take care of your back; it's vital not to pick it off the floor.

You'll work your abs as well as your back.

Do this three times for a total of 30 seconds.

4. Plank on the side


The lateral abdominal, as well as the rectus abdominal, obliques, trapezius, and deltoids, are all worked in this plank.

Rest one forearm on the floor and extend your back, lifting your legs until only your feet and forearm are touching the floor.

To avoid overloading the knee and trapezius muscles, it's important that the hips are aligned with the ankles and shoulders.

It's also vital to maintain a forward stance and a neutral jaw.

Rest one or both knees on the floor if the workout becomes too difficult.

4 x 20 second sets Allow 20 seconds for rest.

5. Plank that moves


We can swing the hips to one side and the other when in plank pose, with legs straight and forearms resting on the floor, tightening the belly and holding the back aligned.

Along with the abdomen, buttocks, and sides, you work with this advanced level plank.

4 x 20 second sets Allow 20 seconds for rest.

6. Do a plank with a leg lift.


Your glutes and hamstrings will be worked as well. Simply start in a plank position with your forearms on the floor and lift one leg at a time, bringing them slightly upwards at a 90-degree angle.

It's important that the pelvis doesn't swing or fall out of the plank position.

4 x 20 second sets Allow 20 seconds for rest.

7. Plank pyramid


Starting in a plank position, lift your hips in a pyramid position while shifting one of your hands to touch the opposite ankle.

Return to your starting place (plank with arms straight) and repeat the movement to the opposite foot.

You'll work on mobility in your core, back, hips, and shoulders.

3 x 30 second sets

Knee Squats (number 8)

Squat down with your hands on the back of your neck, ensuring that your buttocks are back and your back is straight. It is important to execute the squat correctly.

Then, by raising one leg and connecting your knee with your elbow, you can stand up.

Return to the squat position and, as you rise, raise the opposite leg, turn your body to the side, and touch your knee with your elbow.

The glutes, quadriceps, heart, and shoulders are all targeted.

3 x 30 second sets

9. Lateral trunk


Stand with your arms spread out perpendicular to your body and your legs shoulder-width apart.

Tilt your upper body to one side and then the other, holding your back straight and your arms in the same place.

On the way down, try not to round your spine.

We focus on core stability, hamstring flexibility, hip mobility, and shoulder mobility.

3 x 30 second sets