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This Simple Exercise Burns More Belly Fat Than a Hundred Abs Crunches


You will believe that if you begin a healthy lifestyle that includes physical exercise, you will need to spend hours in the gym to see changes in your body, but this is not true. As a result, we'll show you a 15-minute workout that will help you achieve a flatter stomach.

The abdominal region and waist accumulate fat easily, so doing a plank, which is a good exercise to strengthen the belly in a healthy way, is the best way to reduce this area.

This exercise is perfect for flattening your stomach and strengthening your abdomen, as well as relieving back pain because tight abdominal muscles will help keep the spine together.

As a result, you won't need hours to keep in shape because your body will start to display results after only a few minutes a day.

Plank is a 15-minute routine that will give you a flat stomach in no time.

 Simple plank 


This is one of the strongest tummy exercises, and it will greatly aid in the strengthening of all muscles as well as the definition of the waist.

All you have to do now is lie face down on the concrete. Then, when lifting your body, keep your weight on your forearms and metatarsals.

Each set should last around 15 seconds. You can do three to five sets.

Plank on the Sides


This form of exercise is suitable for developing solid side muscles.

With your body absolutely on its side, you can just rest one forearm on the concrete. Your lower body will be supported by just one foot.

You just need to lower your hip until it almost reaches the ground in this position, then raise it and repeat the movement. It's recommended that you sit for about 15 seconds.

Change sides and repeat the exercise after about 15 repetitions.

Plank rotatable

You must lie face down on the board, just like the basic plank. Then you lift your body by putting all of your weight on your forearms and metatarsals.

Start moving your waist from one side to the other while you're in this position. Your hips should be next to, but not touching, the ground.

Begin with 15 seconds and gradually increase the time.

For both men and women, the plank is one of the most effective body toning exercises. It enables you to burn fat from your stomach, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Please share this list of the best exercises with all of your peers. They'll thank you when they have a flat stomach!