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For a Strong Core and Abs, Use the Hanging Windshield Wiper


This movement combines an oblique twist with a hanging simulated toe-touch. This total-body core move is very difficult. It combines strength and control in the core, along with grip strength.

To do this one correctly:

* You need to be strong enough to bring your legs up to the bar.
* Isometrically contract to hold yourself up.
* Then rotate when twisting the legs to each side.

The hardest thing is resisting the rotation (stopping your legs from falling to each side after the twist). Your upper body would be tucked up while your legs move like a windshield wiper if done correctly.

How to Go About It:

* Pull down with your lats and engage your shoulders when hanging from a bar.
* To pull your toes up toward the bar, squeeze your anterior heart.
* Keep your obliques under check and switch your legs side to side, trying to keep them together.
* Since you may not be as flexible as you think you are or haven't done this in a while, lower your legs to one side as much as you can without turning your hips or losing your grip.

Do these at the end of your workout with good form to retain a solid heart.
Is it too difficult for you?

Try lying down on the concrete, which keeps the isometric hold in your heart but takes away the grip power.