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Here's a little something to get you started! Tonight, we've got five back-building tips for you.
Brian, what are we going to concentrate on today?
“We're going to concentrate on the back,” said trainer Brian Ferrrell.
How important is it to look after your back?
“It's one of the most crucial items. All is made easier by your back. It also strengthens the posture. As a consequence, you see a lot of people who don't work their backs or who have bad posture and are slouched. So, we're going to strengthen our back muscles and bring our shoulders back. You feel better when you have good posture.

Begin with a deadlift

Since the deadlift is one of the most challenging and taxing exercises, you should begin your back workout with it when you are fresh and at your best. Use a weight you can handle with proper technique and train your muscles, not your ego. If your back is arched, it means you're carrying too much weight, which puts tension on your disks and puts you at risk of injury (remember you want to strengthen not weaken your spine).
Imagine your pelvis is a bucket of water when you get into place for a deadlift. By tilting your pelvis forward (sticking your ass out) and bending at the elbows, you can pour water from the front of the bucket.

#2. Don't Forget About Core Strength

Lower back pain can be alleviated by reinforcing the heart. It's an environment that many people neglect, particularly if they just want to appear muscular. Unfortunately, having a lot of muscles isn't the be-all and end-all of strength and good looks. The difference between being solid and being physically strong and robust can be determined by a strong heart.
When a coach talks about having a solid heart or spine, he or she is referring to the foundation of the power to work with. Simply put, core and lower back strength translates across the entire body since it serves as the basis for all other types of exercise.

#3. Sit Down – Latisimus dorsi

Your lower back will be exhausted after a few sets of hard deadlifts, so rest it before performing some bent-over rowing movements by doing your next exercise seated. Most people are familiar with the lat pull down as a back exercise. It strengthens your upper and outer back muscles, allowing you to achieve the V-shape you've always desired.
The trick to this exercise is to lock your leg pads into place and lift your chest as you lower the bar down to your upper chest. This will ensure that you are pulling with your back rather than your arms.

#4. Strike Peace

Next, make sure that the exercises you select are well-balanced. You should make sure that your practice involves as many horizontal pulling exercises as vertical pulling exercises.
You'll be developing a serious muscular imbalance in no time if you only do five sets of bent over rows, single arm rows, and cable rows. Pull-downs/pull-ups should be paired with rows for optimal performance.

#5 Analyze The Grip Pattern

The first thing to look at is the grip pattern you're using during these exercises. Remember that for exercises like lateral pull-downs, pull-ups, and bent-over barbell rows, the broader the grip you use, the more lat activation you'll get.
The closer the grip, on the other hand, the more mid-back and bicep activation you'll get. Determine your weak spot and then change your grip to compensate. A little change in hand position can make a big difference.