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11 Training Mistakes That Prevent You From Flaunting Your Abs in Public


To flaunt your 6-pack to the world, you must have a body fat percentage of 10% or less. We all want abs, but in our haste to get them, we make mistakes that slow us down on our quest for the ideal body. We must perform our workouts correctly in order to reach our gym goals. And learning what not to do is the best way to do it!

Here are 11 Bright Side workout blunders to help you find out what not to do every time you go to the gym.

1. Sitting all the way up in a chair

Try not to go all the way up while doing your basic sit-ups. This can put a strain on your back and push you to skip out on your important ab workout. Instead, do crunches and push yourself halfway up for abs that are perfectly toned!

2. Every single day, I train.

Allowing your muscles to relax in between exercises allows you to exercise more efficiently and achieve better results. At the same time, it aids in the development of your body's muscle. Essentially, it means that different muscle groups should be targeted on different days.

3. Excessively long planks

If your core muscles are solid, you can stand in plank for a long time before feeling any pain in your abs. Rather than can the amount of time you spend in plank, consider removing one of the contact points from the floor, such as one of your legs.

4. Aiming for a flat stomach by just doing ab exercises

You won't be able to lose belly fat just by working out your abs. Crunches can help you get a six-pack, but you'll always need to lose the fat around it. And if you just do targeted abs training, this fat will not go anywhere. Cardio exercise will assist you in burning more calories and losing weight more quickly.

5. Being enslaved by a monotonous routine

If you find yourself being too used to doing this or that workout, it's time to shake things up. When doing crunches, for example, you can use a yoga ball. Planks are a great way to reinforce your heart. You could try incorporating yoga or Pilates into your daily workout routine. Adding variety to your workout will help your muscles strengthen more effectively.

6. When doing crunches, leave your stomach puffed out.

It takes time and effort to work on your abs. Pull your belly button in when doing your workouts to keep your stomach flat and toned. This way, your muscle memory will be properly developed, and as a bonus, your stomach size will be reduced!

7. Using a ball that hasn't been properly inflated

If there isn't enough air in the ball, it will flatten when you curl up. Your abs would be less successful as a result of this. When you drive the ball inward, it can only go about 2 inches.

8. Taking your back muscles for granted

When you practice your abs without also working on your back, the musculature that supports your spine becomes unbalanced. These muscles aren't all for show either! As a result, the best abdominal exercises are those that need your whole core to go into overdrive in order to help your spine. Squats and raises are two well-known movements that do this.

9. Putting your hands behind your back and behind your neck

Some people say that if they do crunches or sit-ups with their hands behind their heads, they can get the best help. However, since you can pull on your neck and strain it, this may result in neck injuries. It also reduces the amount of tension in your abs and improves the effectiveness of the exercise. Instead, cross your arms over your chest or put your hands at your ears. If you have to keep your hands behind your back, imagine keeping an orange under your chin to keep your head from bending too far forward.

ten. Raise your legs without any assistance

Attempting to exercise without assistance is ineffective. It's a common misconception that all you have to do in this exercise to target your lower abs is lift your legs. At the gym, there are much more powerful equipment for this. These can help to stabilize the lower back while still working out the right muscles. So, instead of lying on the gym floor, get up and do your curl-ups on those fancy contraptions!

11. Doing planks when pushing your ass out

When you do planks incorrectly, they have little or no effect on working your abs. It's easy to get this exercise wrong because you may not even realize you've made a mistake, but it's also very simple to fix once you get your head around it! Your body should be in one uniform line instead of leaning over your lower back and pointing up with your rear. Your spine must be perfectly straight and parallel to your buttocks.

Have you made some of these errors before reading this article while exercising? Share this article with your mates to teach them how to do their exercises correctly!