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Do you want to have big arms? Stop putting them through training!


I know because I used to work there. What's the name of my biceps workout? 5 sets of bar curls, preachers, 1-arm focus curls or maybe hammers, then 21s... Then there's the triceps. Bench with a close grip, cable push down, skull crushers, 1-arm dumbbell extensions, dips....
It's a difficult loop to break. Arms are a lot of fun. They get a good pump, a tight, hard feeling, and maybe a bulging vein or two. They get a little smaller, but for the love of all that is holy, they should be HUGE! Is that correct?

That's incorrect.
Do you want to have bigger arms? Stop putting them to preparation. Doesn't it sound terrifying? Particularly to that arm-wrestler who spends an entire day blasting his weapons.
You know what I do with my weapons, right? I do two sets of chins and two sets of dips at the end of any workout. I'll throw in some preachers or do some triceps machine extensions every now and then, maybe once a week. They're the same size now as they were when I was blasting them in isolation twice a week for two hours.
Arms rarely function in isolation in real life. Almost always, they're a part of a larger movement. That means you work your arms if you do bench press, rows, pullups, or pretty much any other upper body workout.

And you go out of your way to devote a whole day to them. That's what your arms are, my mate. They're overtrained.
Don't be a knucklehead. Let's see what happens if we stop training our weapons. It was only for a few months.
The outcomes will astound you.
This assumes you're already doing compound arm exercises like bench press, dips, military press, front rows, bent over rows, clean to press, power cleans, pull ups, chin ups, and push ups....
Why not, if you aren't already?