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Take Notice of the Foot Position in Squats!


Squats, as many of us already know, are a wonderful compound exercise for training our legs and glutes, but poor technique makes them one of the most destructive exercises. This time in fitness life, we'll talk about the position of the feet in squats and what each of them can do for us.

In squats, the position of the feet

Normally, we hear the vast majority of trainers say in the gym that the position of the feet should be at the same width as that of the shoulders, which is completely correct, because a smaller opening can take away stability in the exercise, which can lead to fatal accidents; on the other hand, if the opening of the feet is too wide, we will have excessive muscular tension, especially at the level of squatting.

Despite the foregoing, we can slightly change the posture of our foot to target a different muscle.

Position your feet forward.
The hamstrings and glutes will be emphasized in this position.

Typical position
In the background, you'll be mostly working your quadriceps and other muscles.

You'll be primarily working the adductors if your feet are somewhat wider apart and your tips are at a 45o angle.

Feet are a little more glued.
The abductors will be the main focus of your training.

In squats, the posture of the feet - tip of the feet
When performing squats, the direction of the tips of your feet should be something with which you are comfortable. In fitness life, we recommend orienting yourself a little outwards for greater comfort, but you should always be aware of dissecting your knees as well as the tips of your feet when descending in the exercise.

Finally, we recommend that you position your feet in squats according to the muscles you want to work out the most and how you feel most comfortable, without skipping the proper execution.

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