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In just 30 days, you can transform your body with these five exercises


  Everybody seems to raving about health and fitness these days.
And while many people choose to go down the road of expensive gym memberships, special equipment and magic supplements, there are also those who like to keep it simple – eat less but healthy and perform bodyweight exercises at their home.
And who gets better results

You guessed correctly. People who remember that their goals are about them and manage to incorporate healthy behaviors into their current lifestyle without relying too heavily on outside tools and trends are the ones that make long-term progress and live happier lives.

That's why, in this article, we'd like to encourage you to forget about whether you should start doing this or that miraculous exercise or try the latest super food with incredible fat-burning properties, and instead focus on the basics: the best solutions to the most pressing issues are often right in front of our eyes.

In less than a month, if you do these five exercises every day, you'll notice changes in your waistline size and entire body composition! It's evident that you won't achieve your ideal figure in such a short time (especially if you have a lot of excess weight), but we guarantee you'll feel like you've taken a giant step closer to this once unachievable objective.



The plank is one of the most underappreciated workouts of all time.

It's a one-move static exercise that will help you develop a rock-solid core, sculpted abs, and powerful shoulders. Simply get into a push-up posture on the floor, bend your elbows 90 degrees, and prop yourself up on your elbows, forearms, and forefeet, producing a straight line from head to feet. Hold this position for as long as you can without moving your waist or buttocks.



The push-up is the ultimate bodyweight exercise since it works virtually every major muscle in your body, resulting in overall body firmness.

In a plank posture, place your hands directly under your shoulders and push your entire body up, keeping your legs, back, and buttocks in a straight line. Rep by lowering your body in the same manner.



Squats will help you improve your quads, hamstrings, and calves while also strengthening your core and increasing fat burning overall.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart or slightly wider for a conventional squat. Sit back and down, with your hands out in front of you and your head looking front. Make sure your back is not rounded. Continue to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground (if possible). Recover your footing by pushing up through your heels.



Prop yourself up on your knees and hands in a plank posture and extend one leg and the opposing arm at the same time, keeping both perfectly straight.

Hip lifts while lying down

The lying hip raise is an excellent bodyweight workout for strengthening your stomach, back, and thighs while also developing your glutes and hamstrings.

Lie down on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat.
Extend your arms at a 45-degree angle out to your sides. Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips to the ceiling, keeping your pelvis tilted. Squeeze your glutes and lift them as high as you can.
Lower yourself slowly and repeat.

The four-week strategy
There are two unique fundamental workouts in this program.

Exercise No. 1

Plank for 1 minute; push-ups for 1 minute
Squats for 2 minutes; Bird-dog for 1 minute; Lying hip raises for 1 minute; Plank for 1 minute; Push-ups for 1 minute

Squats for 2 minutes with a 10-second rest in between.

Exercise No. 2

Plank for 3 minutes; Bird-dog for 3 minutes; Lying hip lifts for 3 minutes; Push-ups for 1 minute; 15 second rest between activities.

This is done six times per week, with one day off in between.


Day 1: Workout #1, Day 2: Workout #2, Day 3: Workout #1, Day 4: Workout #2, Day 5: Workout #1, Day 6: Workout #2, and Day 7: Rest


Day 1: Workout #2; Day 2: Workout #1; Day 3: Workout #2; Day 4: Workout #1; Day 5: Workout #2; Day 6: Workout #1; Day 7: Rest.

After you finish week 2, go back to week 1.

You will be pleasantly pleased by the results if you follow this regimen. Your body will be stronger and more toned, you will feel better, and your health will vastly improve (of course, as long as you pair the workouts with healthy meals and plenty of water). So why not give it a shot and see what you think?

Hold for a few seconds before lowering them and repeating with the opposite leg and arm.
This exercise strengthens both the abs and the lower back.