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Two Simple Exercises To Tone Your Lower Chest



Learning how to tone your lower chest, rather than working on another part of this muscle group, is one of the finest strategies to build a bigger chest.

Although you may not have heard of this advice before, it is incredibly helpful in enhancing chest definition.

The upper chest, middle chest, and lower chest muscles are separated into three groups.

To bring out definition and develop it to its full potential, most guys concentrate on the middle or upper chest.


The Myth of the Bottom Heavy


There is a fallacy in weightlifting that training on the lower chest will result in "bottom heavy pecs." According to popular opinion, when more muscle is grown in the lower chest, gravity will lead the pecs to hang lower.

If you work the chest area properly, I disagree with this concept altogether.

How To Work Your Chest Correctly




As previously said, the pecs must be worked from all angles in order to look their finest.

Simply select exercises that target each pectoral muscle group.

Many males will disregard the lower region of the pec area out of concern of developing bottom-heavy pecs.

The Most Effective Lower Chest Exercises

Dips: Use your body weight to perform dips.





Keep your chin tucked in and contacting your upper chest as you lower your body.
The lower chest will be forced to become more involved as a result of this adjustment.
When executing the decline bench press, use dumbbells or a barbell.
Don't overstretch the muscle when lowering the weight. At the lowest position, the arms should make a 90-degree angle for best effects.

Simply including these two exercises into your routine will help tone your lower chest. If you combine these exercises with those that target the middle and upper chest, your pecs will have a lot of definition.