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Workout for 4 minutes every day for results in less than a month

Have you been attempting to make a significant adjustment in your viewpoint for a long time? Do you want to transform your body in less than four minutes? Perhaps you think it sounds a little too wonderful to be true. However, if you find the strength to take a plank every day, you will achieve a perfect body as well as a significant increase in endurance and energy.

Even while the plank does not produce immediate benefits, it does so over time, and you will be astounded at what you have accomplished if you continue to do so. All you have to do now is keep doing the plank for the next four weeks. To begin, merely hold this position for 20 seconds, and do not overstretch your body. You should progressively increase the time. Doesn't that appear to be fairly straightforward? You will gradually but steadily increase your endurance until you can hold a plank for four minutes at a time. You must follow the steps outlined below to achieve this:

Start with 20 seconds on the first day.
Day 2 – Maintain the 20-second timer.
Day 3: Increase the time to 30 seconds.
Day 4 — Keep going for another 30 seconds.
Day 5: Increase the time to 40 seconds.
Day 6 — Unwind
Day 7: Increase the time to 45 seconds.
Day 8 – Keep going for 45 seconds.
Day 9: Increase the time to 60 seconds.
Day 10 – Maintain 60-second intervals.
Day 11 – Maintain 60-second intervals.
Increase to 90 seconds on day 12
Day 13 — Unwind
Day 14 – Maintain 90-second intervals.
Day 15 – Maintain 90-second intervals.
Increase to 120 seconds on day 16
Day 17 – Maintain the 120-second timer.
Day 18: Increase to 150 seconds once more.
Day 19 — Unwind
Day 20 – Maintain the 150-second timer.
Continue with 150 seconds on Day 21.
Increase to 180 seconds on day 22.
Day 23 – Maintain the 180-second timer.
Increase to 210 seconds on day 24.
Day 25 — Unwind
Day 26 – Keep going for another 210 seconds.
Increase to 240 seconds on day 27.
Day 28 – Do as your stamina improves.

• It's critical to maintain proper form while performing this workout.
• Take a look at the following to see how it should appear: Make sure your hands are in the proper position. To ensure proper weight distribution, the elbows are straight under the shoulders.
• The spine should be straight, and you should avoid rotating and putting undue pressure on the neck and back. Maintain a certain distance between your legs. Your thighs, on the other hand, should be touching.
• As needed, adjust the spacing between the legs.
• Your breathing should be slow and relaxed, and your body should be devoid of tension.