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Blotting muscle program (diet + training program)

Blotting muscle program (diet + training program)

By entering this program I'll tell you a few things you must abide by the program to succeed and achieve the best results.
1. Commitment healthy eating and stay away from sugars and fats unhealthy
2. regularity in the exercise dates and days, maintaining sleep at night and mesh less than 8 hours per day
3. patience and not rush to get the desired result

Diet :

First meal: 3 egg beads eggs without the yolk and 2 whole eggs + 100 grams of oats with honey and skimmed milk + a banana

Snack II: 200 grams of issuance Grilled Chicken +100 grams basmati rice without oil and salt as possible using olive oil + salad

Diet III (before exercise): 2 boiled potatoes or grilled or possible paillasse fruit + a cup of coffee without sugar

Diet IV (after exercise): Box Tuna refinery oil + little rice + salad

Diet V: 100 grams of issuance Chicks + sauteed vegetables (broccoli and zucchini and beans)

Diet VI: 150 grams of Quraish cheese + cup skim milk + fruit fruit.

Drinks that you attention: the water is very important and drinking green tea and orange juice.

Required to stay away from them during Blotting: salt, sugar, margarine, oil, soda drinks and ready made dishes and all the preservatives.

And prefer to use a supplement (Lipo 6) to burn fat faster and protein Zero rolls (such as Nitro Tech or iso 100) with glutamine to maintain muscle mass during the program and the possible use of Multi vitamin and omega-3.

training program :

  Day One: Chest + Tri space + belly                            
  Second day: Back + beceps
Third day: Shoulder + belly               
Fourth day comfort   
Day Five: Bai Tri
Sixth day: Man + belly                                         

Exercise weights above Normal Balash very light weights and many repetitions as possible to speak Ende wrong methods are used (Super Sete Sete and paths) best bacterium.

For cardio three times a week as possible in the morning and play as possible after exercise and the duration of 15 to 20 minutes (skipping rope or running or brisk walking).