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Comprehensive Information on the Essential Nutrients For Bodybuilders

Nutrients are organic compounds and minerals necessary for living to ensure the growth of the body and the work of the vital its functions, there are two main groups are (key nutrients, micronutrients) and food items come from foods that are located within the diet, everyone knows that essential nutrients are three (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), micronutrients are in turn made up of vitamins, minerals, and we in this article we will take a light on explanation of nutrients.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates (sugars) is a simple or complex molecules, carbohydrates are a source of energy in the body and the basic fuel, as an indivisible carbohydrates into two simple carbohydrates (sugars fast-spreading) and complex carbohydrates (sugars slow deployment).
Simple carbohydrates are characterized by the taste of sweet, are found in sweets, cakes and fruits, these carbohydrates have the ability to move quickly in the blood and increase the percentage of sugar in the blood, and help maintain a stable level, and then force the body to produce insulin, a hormone that helps to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood.

Complex carbohydrates: They do not have a sweet taste, are found in potatoes, lentils, grains, unlike simple carbohydrates are spread gradually slowly into the blood, and help preserve the feeling of satiety and energy levels for a long time, preferably dealt with players who follow the diet (Diet).As part of a balanced diet should be carbohydrates constitute 55-75% of the diet.

What are proteins?Protein is a molecule composed of a series of amino acids, proteins have multiple functions is to serve as a building material, and resides in meat, fish and dairy products, should the protein be increased by 10-15% in diet and the best that exists in a variety of sources (animal and plant) and therefore to provide the body All of the amino acids.

What is fat?Fat, which is called the energy reserves, which is vitally important for the player to build objects and help the growth and the absorption of minerals also supports the production and secretion of hormones naturally, and must reside at 15-20% of the diet.

What types of fat and what is most beneficial?

Fats are of vital importance for bodybuilders, because it helps the growth, development and the absorption of minerals and is considered as a source of energy, but you have to know the first kind of fat that want addressed, and secondly you have to know what the fat sources?

Importance:Certain types of fat can help Bodybuilder in maintaining muscle mass, fat in your diet supports the production of hormones, which is necessary to build muscle, it also helps the absorption and storage of essential vitamins such as (K, A, D, E) , it's as basic power source, and must constitute the fat about 25 to 35 percent of total daily calories.In one word dietary fat is necessary for the player to build the objects, where the diet consists of three feeders apolitical They (protein, carbohydrates, fat).

Types of fat:1-unsaturated fats:There unsaturated fats in vegetable oils such as corn, soybeans and pulp Syrian (sunflower), and can also get unsaturated fats in fatty fish (omega-3), a type of unsaturated fat that are essential for heart health and growth of the mind, and omega-3S the crucial players bodybuilder because it helps to burn fat rather than store it, and also may help omega-3 fats in protecting joints and anti-depression, and helps endurance during training hard for players bodybuilder.
2-Monounsaturated fat:There are monounsaturated fats by high in olive oil and peanut butter, and monounsaturated fat is the source of the center and sang in calories, and also help to keep the mood and feeling relieved, and prevent high or low blood sugar.

3-Saturated fat:Saturated fats which are found in animal meat, butter, whole milk, saturated fat can increase your risk of heart disease, and recommends the American Heart Association to address at least 7% calories from saturated fat of total daily calories, and prefers not to eat these fat than the original .There are also saturated fats in fast meals preparation, such as french fries and burgers and sausage .. etc., these fats both raise Mtsuiat bad cholesterol and help to decrease good cholesterol and healthy levels, making these elements mentioned above is very poor added to the player Kamal special diet objects or even the average person, dieting for the bodybuilder must be very clean and be normal foods.

Warning: Eating too much fat can lead to excessive calorie intake, which leads to weight gain.