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10 Shoulder Exercises That'll Improve Flexibility, Add Size, Get Stronger

You need to hit your deltoids, upper trapezius, serratus anterior, rotator cuff muscles, and levator scapulae to truly build three-dimensional shoulders. Aside from strengthening your upper body muscles and the bones beneath them, you'll safeguard your body against injury and let's face it, you'll create an aesthetic men want to replicate and woman go crazy over.

Overhead pressing and lateral raises can only do so much to build strong, functional shoulders, so here are 10 shoulder exercises that'll improve flexibility, add size, get stronger and complete your physique.

Yes, from 1 through 10, each of these exercises can settle one very important question: Just what are you going to do next time shoulders roll around in your training split?

1 -Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

2 -Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

3 -Dumbbell Lateral Raise

4 -Face Pull

5 -Wide-Grip Smith-Machine Upright Row

6 -Push Press

7 -Cable Front Raise

8 -One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise

9 -Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

10 -Cable Reverse Flye