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9 Best Cable Machine Exercises for Abs

Looking for a new and challenging way to shred your midsection and tighten up your core? Then look no further then the cable station at your local gym. Used correctly, this multi-functional training machine can work wonders for your ab development and core strength. 

While primarily utilized for isolation moves, the cable tower can offer you a one-stop solution on your road to rock hard abdominals. These two ab blasting exercises will hit your oblique’s, and and lower abs hard. So grab a cable and get to work.

1.Reverse Woodchops

The reverse woodchop is a beginner compound exercise that targets the legs and abs. This exercise is suitable for all fitness levels.

2.Side Cable Cross Over

The side cable cross over is a great core exercise that really targets the abs. This is exercise can be done by any fitness level and would be a great addition to any fitness routine.

3.High cable crunch

Kneel in front of a high cable and hold handle in front of face
Tense abs and curl shoulders down, keeping hands in same place
Pause at bottom and rise slowly to start.

4.One arm row

Stand in split stance and hold low cable
Twist torso away from machine and draw the cable in to your side
Flex at the knees to initiate each rep

5.One arm press

Face away from machine and hold high cable in split stance
Twist torso and press the cable away from your body
Flex at the knees to initiate each move

 6.Cable Reverse Crunch

Connect an ankle strap attachment to low pulley cable.
Sit with feet toward pulley and attach cable around ankles.
Lie down, elevate knees abd bend legs at 90 degree angle.
Bring knees in towards chest and elevate hips off the floor.
Pause for a second, drop hips and slowly bring legs back to start position.
Maintain tension on abs in resting position.

7.Low-to-High Cable Wood Chop

Set the cable machine to the lowest height. While standing in a split-stance and perpendicular to the machine, turn your shoulders and hips at the same time, while keeping your arms straight throughout, and finish with your hands above your head. Make sure to keep the cable handle in front of your chest while turning. Just like with the horizontal chop, pivot your feet and twist your hips so that your lower spine stays stable.

8.Cable Russian twist

Lie on Swiss ball side-on to cable machine
Turn torso towards stack, keeping body flat from head to knees
With straight arms, draw low cable across body to other side.

9.Gym ball cable leg raise

Lie back on gym ball with cable attached to feet
Grab a support for stability and hold legs out in front of you
Draw legs up while maintaining stability on ball