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Get a Six-Pack In 2 Weeks

The best way to get 6-pack abs in 2 weeks is to enforce a strict diet and exercise regimen. Eating a diet low in fat and high in fiber transports unwanted fat from the stomach and other parts of the body, leaving the muscle underneath more apparent. It is also important to take in more protein during this time to enhance muscle growth.
Additional protein ingestion also helps support heightened levels of exercise which are necessary to develop abs. Creating a daily workout routine that focuses on abdominal exercises and core strength expedites the appearance of abs. This process also creates well-defined abs that are easy to see through a shirt or blouse.
It is important to create a workout that focuses on total body fitness. Abs need a rest every other day at least to keep these muscles intact. Lowering total body fat is also the only way to really see abs, so boost metabolism and burn fat by doing cardio routines and similar exercises.


The workout

  1. Pullup                    Sets: 3  Reps: to failure  Rest: 120 seconds between sets
  2. Ab Wheel Rollout  Sets: 3  Reps: to failure  Rest: 60 seconds between sets
  3. Pallof Press           Sets: 4  Reps: to failure  Rest: 90seconds between sets
  4. Barbell Landmine  Sets: 3  Reps: to failure  Rest: 120 seconds between sets
  5. The Pendulum       Sets: 4  Reps: to failure  Rest: 90 seconds between sets
  6.the plank                 Sets: 3  Reps: 10-15  Rest: 30 seconds