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Tighten Your Core and Lower Body With Reverse Planks

ou probably have heard of the mighty plank exercise by now. It is one of the most adaptable and effective bodyweight exercises. Amazingly, there are almost countless variations that can be used to increase the difficulty or target specific muscle groups.

Enter the Reverse Plank, a variation that not only strengthens the core and abdominals, but it hits the postural back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings! Regardless of your previous experience or familiarity with planks, it will be beneficial for you to learn and practice the Reverse Plank.

The reverse plank exercise is effective but it is not terribly difficult to perform, especially once you get the feel of holding your body in a straight line. A lot of muscles are active, but your abdomen, hips and glutes will really tighten and firm when you use reverse planks. If you increase the frequency of your aerobics, and use reverse planks as part of your regular core and abdominal training (maybe even a few sets at home between workouts), you’ll soon reveal new flat and firm abdomen and firmer glutes.

Tighten your abdomen by pulling it in and upward, as if your trying to pull in you abdomen towards your spin.

Try to hold the straight line position beginning at 15 seconds and working up to 30 seconds.

Reverse the lift by flexing the hips and lowering them back to the floor.