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How Often Times a Week Should You Train to Make Gains?

An Expert Says You Should Be Lifting Weights This Many Times a Week

Want to tone up? Building muscle is your golden ticket! Tightening up your legs, arms, and stomach means you'll need to focus on strength training. Remember that strong is sexy, and once you have the determination, you just need to make a plan. Before you can make a plan, you need to know exactly how many times to strength train each week to build muscle. 

 Their improvements were measured twice over the eight month period of continuous training. Although the results show that improvements in strength were not very different among all of the groups, the group which trained four times per week had the best results.

The conclusion we can draw from these findings is that even though training for more than four times per week leads to the biggest strenght gains at first, this difference gradually fades over the course of time.

 Also, training only one group of muscles for a few days in a row was proven to be more effective under certain conditions.

What could this mean for you? Well, you should at least stop worrying about your training schedule.

If you have time to train only two or three times per week, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve some decent strength gain over time, especially if you try a full-body training in order to work with all muscle groups. And don’t forget, the real key to success is being consistent!