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High-intensity interval training, aka HIIT, is one of the best ways to maximize your workout time. Burn a ton of calories and boost your metabolism in little time with celeb trainer Astrid McGuire's full-body HIIT workout. It may be only 10 minutes long, but it will leave you dripping with sweat. There's no equipment needed for the workout, so press play and get at it! And if you're looking for a longer workout, double your fun time with Astrid's 20-Minute HIIT workout!

Turbo fat torcher

This fat-burning workout, inspired by the US strength and conditioning coach JC Santana, lasts just a couple of minutes but forces your body to burn extra calories long after you’ve finished it. Do the exercises in order without stopping. Complete one round at first and build up to doing three rounds, resting for two minutes between rounds.
Unweighted lunge

Reps 12 each side

Take a stride forwards and bend both knees until they are at 90°, then push back up.
Unweighted squat

Reps 24

Lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Jump lunge

Reps 6 each side

Lunge, then jump up. Swap your legs in mid-air and land softly to perform the next rep.
Jump squat

Reps 12

Squat, then jump up. Land softly and do the next rep.

Plyo Pec Builder

This is another Santana-inspired session, this time focusing on the upper body, and the pecs and triceps in particular. Do the moves in order and keep going until you fail on the press-ups. If you can’t complete ten reps of each move, lower the rep count to something achievable. Build up to doing three rounds in total.

Plyometric press-up

Reps 10

Lower into a press-up, then push up explosively so that your hands leave the floor.
Diamond press-up

Reps 10

Place your hands together so your index fingers and thumbs are touching.
Wide press-up

Reps 10

Place your hands double shoulder-width apart.


Reps To failure

Perform as many standard press-ups as you can.

Sand Super Sprints

For the full version of this workout you will need a stretch of sand, so if you’re not already on a beach adding the time to get to one will probably push the workout length well over ten minutes! Fortunately, while sprinting on sand is super-tough, sprinting pretty much anywhere is still really quite hard, so you can always do this workout on grass at a local park if sand is in short supply.

This workout focuses on maximum effort and minimum distance. The sprints get shorter as you move through the circuit because your ability to go all-out will diminish. Complete five rounds in total, resting for one minute between rounds. To make it harder, lie on the ground before the start of each sprint.

Time 5min

Run a 40m course, building up gradually from gentle jogs to reps of 95% effort.

40m sprint

Reps 1

Perform an all-out sprint, pumping with your arms with your elbows bent at 90° to drive your legs. Walk back to perform the next sprint.

30m sprint

Reps 1
20m sprint

Reps 1
10m sprint

Reps 1
60-Second Six-Pack

Give your abs a quick blast with this 60-second circuit. The first move works your upper abs, the second works your lower abs and the final move works your side abs. Do as many reps as possible with good form in the allotted time, then move on to the next exercise. Do five circuits, resting for a minute between them.


Time 20sec

Exhale before you crunch to engage your abs.

Leg raise

Time 20sec

Lie on your back, then raise your legs as high as you can, keeping them straight. Lower under control.

Knees to elbows

Time 20sec

Lie on your back. Bring your left elbow up to your right knee, then bring your right elbow up to your left knee. Continue, repeating that sequence.