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6 Body Weight Exercises That Will Change Your Body In 28 Days

When most people think about ‘bodyweight training’, they picture themselves doing endless reps of sit-ups and push-ups.

But training like that won’t get you anywhere.

 If you want to get stronger, you need to apply the principle of progressive overload (which is just like gradually increasing the weights you lift in the gym).

When you apply progressive overload to bodyweight exercises, they are a fantastic way of building muscle… At least as good as using weights.

It could even be argued that bodyweight exercises are better than training with weights because the movements are very natural and you’re much less likely to injure yourself.

But we’re getting off topic…

Below are five of the best bodyweight exercises that will help you build muscle safely at home, while traveling, or in the gym.

First up:


The plank is one of the greatest and most underrated exercises ever.
It’s practically a one-move static exercise that will help you build a core of steel, ripped abs and strong shoulders. Just get into a push-up position on the floor, bend your elbows 90 degrees and prop yourself on the elbows, forearms and forefeet, forming a straight line from head to feet, then hold it for as long as you can without moving your waist or butt.


First and foremost, there is a difference between chin-ups and pull-ups.

    Chin-Ups: Your palms are facing towards you and there is a greater emphasis placed upon the biceps.
    Pull-Ups: Your palms are facing away from you and there is less emphasis on the biceps.

Chin and pull-ups are both great exercises that will help you build a strong back and arms.

The ‘best’ is the one that suits your goals, but world-renowned strength coach, Jason Ferruggia, advocates parallel-grip chin-ups (palms facing each other). This is because it is easier on the shoulders and elbows, which helps prevent injury in the long run.

Jason also recommends using gymnastic rings, which are a great addition to your training arsenal if you regularly train in parks or playgrounds.


Squats will help you build your quads, hams, calves and most of all those glutes! Whilst strengthening your whole core and enhancing greater overall fat burning.

For the standard squat, your feet should be shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Extend your hands out in front of you and sit back and down, always at a minimum 90 degree angle, if you can go lower, then perfect, but not touching the floor or causing pain to the knees as this defeats the point. Keeping your head facing forward. Make sure that your back is straight. Keep lowering yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor (if possible). Press back up through your legs and glutes.

#4. ROWS

You need rows in your exercise routine to build a strong upper and middle back.
Inverted rows are a great starting point for beginners.

In the gym, you would perform these by positioning the bar low in a rack or Smith machine, lying underneath it on the ground, and then pulling yourself towards the bar.

At home or on the road, you can mimic this movement by getting underneath a table or desk, gripping the edge, and then pulling yourself towards the table. Of course, this relies on having a strong table or desk, with plenty of room around it.

For that reason, I much prefer using a TRX, which you can use anywhere.



From a plank position, prop yourself on your knees and hands then simultaneously stretch one leg and the opposite arm, maintaining both perfectly straight.

Hold for a moment, then lower them down and repeat with the other leg and arm. This exercise increases core strength in both abs and lower back.


The lying hip raise is the perfect body weight exercise for building powerful glutes and hamstrings whilst also strengthening your abs, back and thighs.

Lie on your back on the floor with bent knees and flat feet. Extend your arms out to your sides at a 45-degree angle. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips toward the ceiling, making sure to tilt your pelvis. Lift them up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes. Slowly lower yourself down and repeat.


This program consists of two separate basic workouts:


    1 minute – Plank.
    1 minute – Push-ups.
    2 minutes – Squats.
    1 minute – Bird-dog.
    1 minute – Lying hip raises.

    1 minute – Rows.
    1 minute – Plank.    
    1 minute – Push-ups.
    2 minutes – Squats.

Rest for 10 seconds between each exercise.


    3 minutes – Plank.
    3 minutes – Bird-dog.
    3 minutes – Lying hip raises.
    1 minute – Push-ups.

Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise.

This is performed 6 times per week, followed by one rest day.


Day 1 – Workout #1
Day 2 – Workout #2
Day 3 – Workout #1
Day 4 – Workout #2
Day 5 – Workout #1
Day 6 – Workout #2
Day 7 – rest


Day 1 – Workout #2
Day 2 – Workout #1
Day 3 – Workout #2
Day 4 – Workout #1
Day 5 – Workout #2
Day 6 – Workout #1
Day 7 – rest

Rotate week 1 and week 2 for the duration of the exer