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Best Weight Training Routines for Mass

These two weight training routines are designed to build muscle mass, particularly in harder gainers. Whether you want to gain size and strength for a sport such as football, or whether you simply want to gain weight, they are tried and trusted.

Most weight training programs incorporate far too many exercises to develop significant size. While there are a lucky, genetically fortunate few who can train as they please, most individuals wanting to gain weight find it a struggle. If you are one these people remember “less is more”. Fewer exercises, not just fewer repetitions is key to your success…

Needless to say you are probably well aware of the importance of nutrition. Assuming you are consuming adequate calories, in the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and assuming you having the timing of your meals right, then the two weight training routines below will be highly effective.

This is classic bodybuilding fare. The standard bodybuilding model is to train in the 8-10 rep range, go pretty close to failure, and do a split-bodypart workout whereby each muscle gets trained 1-2 times per week.

This is a fairly decent weight training routine for building mass, and if your diet and sleep-schedule are in check, you’ll gain well. One thing I would add is that I’d say in general, bodybuilders probably do go a bit too close to failure. Sure, your goal is to break down muscle fibre, but if you’re benching the same weight week in week out for months at a time, something is wrong. You’ll gain more in the long run by dropping the weight for a couple of weeks and keeping reps in the tank – it’s a good strategy for busting through plateaus.

Another thing to bear in mind is the importance of compounds over isolation. I still maintain that the absolute best bicep-builder is the close-grip chinup, but I may be championing a lost cause. It’s definitely fair to say that most bodybuilders over emphasise isolation with cables and machines, when they could be growing a lot quicker all over with emphasis on squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, shoulder presses, etc. Isolations should be complementary to the “big ones”, not the main event themselves.

Still though, bodybuilding weight training routines as a whole are pretty well laid out in this day and age (as long as you steer clear of muscle mags), and if you get yourself on a basic workout split and eat enough, you’ll be sure to see your muscles grow.