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6 Barbell Shoulder Workouts To Build Strong And Muscular Shoulders

Aside from strengthening your upper body muscles and the bones beneath them, you’ll safeguard your body against injury and let’s face it, you’ll create an aesthetic men want to replicate and woman go crazy over.

Want an amazing barbell workout to gain shoulder mass and muscle? Try this out!

1.  Please remember that grip is an extremely important part of every exercise. All overhead presses are not the same. It depends on your movements, your posture, the position of your elbows, the position of your arms etc. Be aware of what your form is.

2.  When you are choosing your weights, be practical. Yes, heavy is necessary but know your limits. Since shoulder exercises are complex, going all out without considering your limitations might lead to injuries.

3.  Reps are important but do not compromise quality for quantity. Complete your reps perfectly. Also, the longer the range of motion, the better it is for your muscles.

4.  There are some shoulder exercises that might need you to lock your joints. But if you do it for exercises that do not need it, you might just hurt yourself. So be sure to do your research.

5.  Remember to give your body adequate rest. Do not over train because that will lead to fatigue and breakdown. 3 days a week is perfect for a shoulder workout.

6.  Be sure to work on each part of your shoulder. An all inclusive workout will not only add to the mass but will also make sure that you work on all angles and parts.

Exercise #1 Barbell Overhead Press

Set the bar up in a squat rack or cage, and grasp it just outside shoulder width. Take the bar off the rack and hold it at shoulder level with your forearms perpendicular to the floor. Squeeze the bar and brace your abs. Press the bar overhead, pushing your head forward and shrugging your traps as the bar passes your face.

Exercise #2 Push Presses

Step 1: Pick a barbell and bring it to your shoulder level. Hold it with overhand grip such that your palms face up and your elbows point forward. Make sure that your upper arms are almost parallel to the floor. Let the bar rest on your upper chest.

Step 2: Lower your hips and bend your knees so as to do a half squat.

Step 3: Push through your legs, extend your legs and arms and push the bar over your head. Make sure that your arms are straight.

Step 4: Hold for 2 seconds and get it back to the initial position. Repeat.

Exercise #3 High Pull

Grasp the bar with hands about double shoulder width and hold it in front of your thighs. Bend your knees and hips so the bar hangs just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips as if jumping and pull the bar up to shoulder level with elbows wide apart, as in an upright row.

Exercise #4 Military Press Behind Neck

Step 1: Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Hold a barbell behind your neck and a little over your shoulders.

Step 2: Push it straight up until your arms are almost straight.

Step 3: Hold for a second and get back to the initial position. Repeat.

Exercise #5 Barbell Overhead Front Raises

Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a barbell with your palms facing down such that it is close to your thighs and your arms are extended down.

Step 2: Raise the barbell up to bring it over your head. Keep your elbows slightly bent.

Step 3: Pause for a second and lower it back down. Repeat.

Exercise #6 Javelin Press

Step 1: Grab a barbell and hold it lengthwise. Bring it to your shoulder level. Your elbows must be under your wrist.

Step 2: Push the bar up and go until your upper arm reaches your ear.

Step 3: Hold for a second and lower it back. Repeat.

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