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Best Workout Routine: Training Chest & Back Together For Mind

It goes without saying that it’s a tremendous honor to spend any amount of time talking with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. But there’s always something incredibly cool about getting to talk training with the greatest bodybuilder of all-time.

To hear how he trained, why he trained, and how hard he trained is absolutely motivating and the unique thing is he developed a lot of his training concepts from scratch. There wasn’t the Internet or social media, and it wasn’t until Arnold and the Golden Era that lifting really even entered the spotlight.

Here is the routine:

Exercise 1

Dumbbell back rows – 4 sets 15 reps

Exercise 2

Bench Press – 4 sets 8 reps

Exercise 3&4 superset

If you are not familiar with supersets let me explain how it works.
Basically you do two exercises back to back without any rest, you can rest when you have completed 1 set in both exercises.
Superset 3 sets total

Floor press 3 sets – 10 reps

Back Rows 3 sets – 8 reps

Exercise 5

Cable machine flies – 4 sets till failure

Exercise 6

Reverse flies in a machine – 4 sets till failure

So there you have it guys this is a routine I probably do once per week and it has given me some great results.
If you are “shit talker” who is thinking “why aren’t there any deadlifts in this routine? every great back workout needs deadlifts
No, you are wrong besides I train deadlifts on another day, this is more of a pump hypertrophy workout.

It’s hard and fun at the same time.
Guys, don’t listen to the idiots who think they know all about building muscle criticising everything you do.
What works for you might not work for the other person.
If someone is giving you “advice” in the gym don’t listen to them unless they have a physique to back it up or some sort of a credentials.
Way too many people nowadays think they are experts about training and diet.
You may be asking ,”don’t I need to eat well before trying this workout?”
Yes absolutely I recommend  eating well and being well hydrated.
Drink a lot of water you will get a better pump!
Also aim for a good nutrition that day.

Don’t skip a meal.

Eat every 3 hours.

Example diet day:

Morning: Oats and protein shake 10 am meal: Rice cakes and a can of tuna Lunch: Chicken, rice and spinach Pre workout meal: Table spoon of peanut butter, protein shake and a banana. Post Workout meal: Salmon and a sweet potato Dinner/late night meal: Beef with some rice
This is an example diet which ensures you will get great energy that will give you great pumps and support muscle building.

I often times get asked the question “what supplements should I take?”
If I am completely honest with you guys the fact of the matter is you do NOT need supplements to build muscle.

Sure they will help but they are not necessary.

I like to have a whey isolate protein supplement for quick protein fixes throughout the day.
This makes it much easier for me to get protein throughout the day without slamming my face with big meals all the time.

What I also use is a testosterone booster, I actually found out that my testosterone levels were a little below average.

It was a struggle for me to build muscle and lose fat.

Other than that I don’t use any supplement, as a matter of fact you don’t need them to build muscle.

They will help you but they are not necessary.