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How many calories push up and pull up burn?

If you are using pull-ups and push up to burn calories, you may find your strength giving out before you reach your caloric goal. Pull-ups are not considered cardiovascular activities, which are more commonly associated with calorie burning. They are primarily used to increase strength.

Burn rate
A number of calories you will burn depends on:

    Your weight
    Your fitness level
    And a few more…

How is the burn rate calculated then?

By testing a group of people under the same conditions research has been able to determine an approximate burn rate for single bodyweight exercises.[1]
So, what are the numbers?

The following example is used:

    77 kg / 170 lb male
    At least a year of continous training
    Exercises performed with good form

Push Ups

20 Push Ups in one minute burned ~ 9.5 calories

0,47 kcal per Push Up

Pull Ups

10 Pull Ups in one minute burned ~ 11 calories

1 kcal per Pull Up

How does this compare to running?

The same guy would burn ~13 calories per minute with a running speed of 6mph (9.7 km/h).

So, should you focus on running if you want to lose fat and make muscles more visible?
The hidden benefit of Push Ups and Pull Ups

Running won't stimulate muscle growth. Push Ups, Pull Ups and other bodyweight exercises can boost your strength and muscle growth if planned properly.

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn during the rest of the day. That's why an efficient body transformation requires strength training, too.

Should you be counting calories?

Calorie counting is boring. Luckily, not everyone has to do it.

If your main goal is to get very lean and extremely lower your body-fat percent then you should consider calorie counting.