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Post Workout nutrition: 4 Tricks to Keep Your Muscles Growing

To build muscle and look leaner, you'll need to choose between two post-workout paths: Follow the masses to a juice shop for a whey protein shake (that will only end up bloating your belly), or strike out on your own with the advice of top trainers to guide you. We think the right answer is obvious.

Luckily, this article will tell you exactly what to do make sure that your muscle growth does not become halted.

Trick #1: Use Water to Save the Day

You have just finished working your heart out and now you have sweated out all of the good nutrients you took in during the course of the day.
You need to consider drinking a glass of water immediately! Your body loses a lot of fluid when you workout intensely.
This is mainly lost through your sweat. Water consumption can help a great deal when recuperating from a hard session.

Trick #2: Carbohydrates Will Set You Straight!

You will also be lacking in energy resources by the time you are done exercising. It is recommended that you consume a carbohydrate at this time.
These help to provide tons of energy to you during this recovery time. A carbohydrate could be as simple as a piece of fruit.
Right after you are done with your routines you can grab an apple or orange to replenish yourself.
This will stop your body from possibly taking nutrients from other areas of your body which can hinder your muscle growth.
Remember these are not your enemies.

Trick #3: Don’t od on The Protein

Protein may be the golden child of the health industry, but that doesn’t mean your body treats it any differently than other nutrients. Just like with slow-digesting carbs and healthy fats, more protein is not always better. In fact, your body can only handle so much at a time: “Your body can only digest about 25-30 grams of protein max at one time. The rest will be wasted,” says Lippitt. Sorry folks, excess calories are excess calories — even if they come from protein. And, unfortunately, your body isn’t the only thing suffering from this common misconception. “Supplements with over 30 grams of protein are wasting your money,” he adds. So don’t be fooled by the sales language. Rely on protein powder that focuses on quality instead of quantity or get your protein naturally.

Trick #4: Massage Yourself

Get your head out of the gutter, folks. “Myofascial release, a type of muscle therapy that targets pain in soft tissue, helps break up the connective tissue to ease muscle soreness and restore range of motion. Try self massaging with a foam roller, lacrosse ball or rolling pin,” suggests Varano. In fact, several studies have linked massage to a wide range of benefits including improving your range of motion, lowering pain levels and even increasing circulation in combination with stretching and exercise regimes. In addition to massage, don’t underestimate the importance of treating your muscles to some TLC during off days. We suggest lengthening yoga routines, Pilates and even simple guided meditation.