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The pec deck is a kind of weight machine that is meant to exercise your pectoral muscles. Seated machines, pec decks also come with an adjustable quantity of weight attached to them. The portion of the pec deck where you rest your arms usually can be adjusted either down or up so that you can increase the potential of exercising your pectoral muscles when bringing your arms together. Mechanically, a pec deck is made up of a frame, a pulley attached to two bars that are suspended and an adjustable seat. The maximum weight that you can attach to the pulley of this machine totals around 200 pounds.


Set the correct resistance on the machine, and adjust the seat and pads if necessary
Sit on the seat, with your back up against the back pad
Place forearms on the pad, arms bent at ninety degrees, with your elbows level with your lower chest


Contract the chest to bring the pads together
Once peak contraction is reached, slowly reverse the movement until upper arms are perpendicular to your body
Repeat for the desired number of repetitions