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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Workout Program & Back and Biceps

These are the “pulling muscles”. You’ll notice that all the exercises you do for back and biceps involve some type of pulling or rowing movement. For example, pull downs, deadlifts, dumbbell rows, bicep curls, etc…
That’s why we’re going to group all these muscle groups together in the same workout. This will allow the complementary muscle groups to get trained at the same time and also get equal recovery time between workouts.

Hitting the back and biceps for your workout is a classic "split"—and it works.

Despite the growth of exercise styles like CrossFit, circuit training, and group training, split routines will never go out of style. Why? Because they get results.

Back Workout

Wide Grip Pull-ups – 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Wide-Grip Pulldown –  4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Seated Low Cable Row – 4 Sets of 10-12 Rep

Bent Over Barbell Rows – 4 Sets of 8-10 Rep

Barbell Dead-lifts – 4 Sets of 8-10 Rep

Biceps Workout

Standing Barbell Curls
– 4 Sets X 8-10 Reps

Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls – 4 Sets X 8-10 Reps

Seated Dumbbell Isolation Curls – 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Seated Preacher Curls – 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Standing Biceps Cable Curl – 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps


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