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Workout For Beginners & Legs

While both sexes participate in the sport of bodybuilding, it’s the men that tend to spend the majority of their workouts focused primarily on the upper body, at the expense of their lower. The all-too-common end result? Big arms, big chest — little legs. Bodybuilding, however, is not simply about size but also symmetry. This means you want to create balance across your entire body, with no single muscle or muscle groups being too pronounced. Another thing to remember is that the bigger your upper body is, the smaller your lower body will look.

So, when it comes to bodybuilding, you need to pay attention to your entire body, not just your favorite muscle groups. You need to focus on all your muscle groups of both your upper and lower body to create a balanced, sculpted physique.

Leg Workouts

This first home leg workout can be performed without any equipment, however dumbbells can be used to add resistance to the exercises.
For the other two workouts you require access to exercise equipment or a gym.

Equipment Needed

Leg Extension Machines – Thigh & Hamstring
Calf Raise Machine or Step
Squat Rack
Leg Press Machine
Beginner Leg Workouts

Home leg workout   

Exercise                                                            Sets                        Reps
Lunges                                                                4                     10 each leg
Squats                                                                 4                            10
Calf raises                                                           4                            10
Step ups                                                              3                           30

Gym leg workout one (beginner) 

Exercise                                                             Sets                         Reps
Front thigh leg curls                                           3                          8 - 10
Rear hamstring leg curls                                    3                          8 - 10
Leg press                                                             4                          8 - 10
Calf raises                                                            3                          8 - 10

Gym leg workout two (advanced)

Exercise                                                              Sets                          Reps
Squats                                                                  4                             8 - 10
Lunges                                                                 4                         10 each leg
Deadlift                                                               4                               6 - 8
Calf raises                                                           4                                 10
Leg press                                                            4                                8 - 10

The sets and reps in these workouts are only an example. In the advanced workout you can reduce the sets to 3 as the workout is fairly demanding. I recommend a minimum of 3 sets per exercise for best results.