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March 2019

4 Ab Exercises
bodybuilding110 30 March 2019
I think it's safe to say that when it comes to working out, people always want to know about and do more for their abs. Some are tryi...
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Shoulder Shrug Training Tips
Shoulder shrugs target your upper trapezius muscles, also known as the traps. In colloquial gym language, well-developed upper traps are ...
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Best Ab Exercises & Workouts
bodybuilding110 25 March 2019
It’s not only six-pack seekers who should be paying their abs plenty of attention when they visit the gym. Strong abs are an integral part...
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German Volume Training
Pauses between repetitions make it possible to take heavier loads and thus to recruit fibers with a high activation threshold. Eccentric ...
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 Dumbbell Training: What Are The Benefits Of Training With Dumbbells?
Most health clubs and gyms offer rows of cardio equipment, aisles of weight-training machines, stacks of free weights and specific stretc...
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What To Eat For Cross Training ? Nail Your Nutrition
Workouts at CrossFit gyms are strenuous and fast-paced. They change daily and involve gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular exerci...
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 Strength Training Mistakes
Youth athletes enjoy hitting the gym. As soon as they have access to the weight room at school or they get their own gym membership, the w...
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A Simple Workout Routine to Get Big Fast
But with all of the traffic out there regarding specific plans, protocols, and formulas, it’s easy to bang your head against the wall and fa...
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Brutal Leg Best Workout Routine
bodybuilding110 08 March 2019
Training legs is one of those things that just plain sucks. It takes a few years under the bar to learn to love training legs, but once y...
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Build Traps Like Mountains with  Best Workout
bodybuilding110 05 March 2019
  Just like sculpted abs means your nutrition is on point, massive traps means you are a monster at lifting heavy. Sadly though, most g...
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The Must Do Exercises for Beginning Bodybuilders
Bodybuilding is a test of strength and endurance which requires a lot of concentration and resolve to achieve the desired goal. Besides t...
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Best Bodyweight Exercises For Men & Women- To Get Into Shape Without Spending Any Money
You don’t need a big, fancy home gym to get in shape. In fact, you don’t need any equipment at all. Burn calories and build muscle at home w...
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