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January 2017

The Transition:  workout program to shift between bulking up and leaning out
When you’re bulking up during the winter, you traditionally take longer rest periods (around a minute) between exercises so your body can re...
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Chest Workout for Massive Pecs
Muscles are the stringy mass of fibres that contract and expand to make your joints move and stop you crumpling in a saggy heap on the floor...
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Top 6 Foods for mass
It’s a pretty regular scene: Someone is working out regularly with a well-designed program but isn’t getting the results they’re looking for...
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Reverse Crunches & Working Your Lower Abs
bodybuilding110 28 January 2017
If you want to sculpt your lower abs, it's time to mix up your classic crunch. Reverse crunches hone in on the bottom portion of you...
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Muscle Building Arm Workout
Big chest muscles, 6-pack abs, big biceps & triceps. That’s what most people want. I feel big shoulders, traps & back are more impre...
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Benefits of the Good Morning & (Awesome Hamstring & Back Workout)
The Good Morning exercise gets a bad rap. Some think it's just a Squat gone wrong. Others look at the movement and cringe at the thought...
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The Best Chest Workout
Chest day owns a lot of centre focus from bodybuilders and gym-goers alike – and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to build strong, so...
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Shoulder Training Tips & Building Boulder Shoulders Strong and Healthy Shoulders
If you want some big, bad ass boulder shoulders that make you look like you're wearing a pair of Road Warrior-like studded football pads...
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The 6-12-25 to Build Bigger, Stronger Workout Protocol
Many clients come to me with a goal of building muscle and losing fat. Initially I take them through a prep phase and a hypertrophy phase, e...
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Get Strong  With These 15-Minute Workouts
You don’t have to spend your whole life in the gym to see amazing results.This workout, designed especially for Women’s Health, will take ju...
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The Best 6 Workout Finishers
you’ve charged through your training session, or at least what was on paper for today. And truth be told, you’re feeling good. You even have...
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The Ultimate Back Workout For Mass & Strength
bodybuilding110 20 January 2017
If you are one of those people who only like to work out your “Show Muscles” (chest, arms, abs and some shoulders) then move on, but if you ...
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The Top 11 Exercises To Burn Fat in
bodybuilding110 19 January 2017
They work every muscle in your body. You’ll burn a lot of calories and your heart rate will go sky high. It’s certainly an amazin...
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Muscle Gain Mistakes
Although it may seem strange to talk about how to gain weight as we approach the holidays (where people typically gain weight without trying...
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7 Biggest Nutritional Mistakes of Bodybuilders
When you’re trying to add quality muscle mass, you have to make sure your entire muscle-building regimen is catered to achieve that goal. Th...
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4 Performance Benefits of the Dumbbell Bench Press
Bench presses help you build a strong chest, and the dumbbell bench press offers some benefits not available with other chest exercises. You...
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How To Get Six Pack Abs? Diet Plan and Workout Strategy
bodybuilding110 15 January 2017
A tight and lean stomach is a great feature to have. “Washboard abs,” “abs of steel,” “six pack” – call it what you will, visible abdominal ...
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How to build a wide, strong back?The Visual Impact of a V-Taper
bodybuilding110 14 January 2017
Your back is the utmost important factor that creates the visual impact of a V-shaped body, not the shoulders (although they’re nearly as im...
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15 Minutes Exercises Fat Body Routine
Burning fat can help you to have the kind of body you have always dreamed of having. There are quite a few methods available for losing fat,...
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Complete Guide to Get Big Arms
Big arms. You want them. And we're talking about biceps and triceps here – not "fatceps." No one cares what your arm measures ...
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Top 6 Diet Foods for Feeling Full
Well-balanced meals and snacks are both important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But whether it's because you find yourself mindle...
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4 Exercises Upper Body Trap Bar
With my article on the 5 Trap Bar Exercises You’re Not Doing, I already gave you a taste of how the trap bar can be used to push your gains ...
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No Weights Needed & 5 Trapezius Exercises
bodybuilding110 09 January 2017
Exercises for the trapezius muscles without weights are designed to build and strengthen your traps without using dumbbells or barbells. The...
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